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    • Yeah it’s because it’s acting like an actual cultivator so it takes out the seed unfortunately. 
    • just a quick note that this planter is fantastic. pulls great and the AI is really working well with it. other than that issue with the 'Y' select seeds conflict when running the creative fields with cultivators mod, the only other issue i have seen is the planter, when lifted at the end of a row, will create a "blank" unplanted area. i would imagine this has something to do with the cultivator region being a little large?
    • Ahh yes that make sense now. Rebecca from discord had mentioned she was getting complaints about them creating fields. I didn’t even know there was a cultivator create fields mod. That will do it since the seeder is setup to be a cultivator. 
    • i would agree with the conflict mod issue. my guess is that the "creative fields with cultivators" mod is creating the issue.
    • Ok I have to be honest I rarely play long enough to notice damage. Does an implement have to be used to incur damage?  I guess my thought is if something sits in the weeds it still gets old. Every mod has a life time setting in it. I’ll try to double check that it wasn’t set low. Usually it’s set very high to deter fast degrading.  And when I said above does it have to be attached. Have you tested it against other in game equipment. Have you noticed the tree grinder degrading faster?
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