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    Originally this mod was started as just a minor upgrade to the bruks to fix the major texture issues. I worked with Bigdaddy in the beginning to help me fine tune it. After working on it i decided to just replace the entire model itself. So i made a new box for it and cut the pipe and crusher wheels off existing giants equipment. I continued to tune it after that. I asked BDBSSB for help on some texturing and he kindly helped me get the new box textured properly. I then had him help me add a motor and wiring, and also had him add in new frame attacher options based on attachment type you want to use. After that he helped me do some final tuning in the xml at which point there was nothing really left of the original xml file as we had redone 95% of it. We decided to dedicate the mod to a fellow mod maker named Maverick74 that has made maps in fs17. We have not been able to get ahold of him in the last 6 months so it was decided then to dedicate this new mod to him. Though we hope nothing has happened to him. The stump grinder is on the bottom of tree maverick. if you lower it enough you can just drive forwards to grind the stump without having to lift the machine. Mod Store Options: Selectable attachment type Selectable Maverick74 logo (visible or not) Selectable main color Selectable design color: decals 4 capacity options: 50k default, 500k, 1 million, and 3 million. Capacity upgrades have a cost to purchase.
  2. If you are talking about autoload for bales and pallets, i made the choice not to add it to the flatbed as i had a ton of issues with it not working properly.
  3. There is already a flatbed truck in the pack.
  4. The map is currently being worked on but there is still a good amount of stuff that he needs to do to the map before he will release it. Adding and testing all the factories to make sure they work takes alot of time to do. Not to mention updating things to better match the FS19 stuff.
  5. Version


    To refuel the tanker truck only put the cab into the fuel trigger. If you want to fill the tank only have the tank in the trigger. if both the cab and tank are in the trigger it will only try an fill the trucks fuel tank and not the tanker portion. This is a truck pack with the following trucks. Tipper Truck Capacity: 48000 Capacity options: 500k, 1 mil, or 3mil Tanker Truck Capacity: 30000 Capacity options: 500k, 1 mil, or 3mil Slurry Spreader Truck Capacity: 30000 Capacity options: 500k, 1 mil, or 3mil Mnure Spreader Truck Capacity: 32000 Capacity options: 50k, 100k, or 200k Flatbed Truck Wood Truck with optional autoload They also have 3 tip speed options default, fast discharge of 100k, and super discharge of 250k Tanker Truck can haul any liquid that is in the folowing catagories LIQUID, SLURRYTANK, or SPRAYER The trucks have the following: 4 engine choices color selection added work lights to the rear The slurry spreader truck has a 32m working width with a reduced usage amount on digestate and liquid manure. The manure spreaderhas a 32m work width and has a reduced usage when spreading Choice of 4 wheel options The choice was made by me to not have a rear hitch and i will not add them to the trucks.
  6. i downlaoded the map that hsd the same name as part of the silo name. I went ingame to test the silo, I found the silo location using the xml and when i went to test dump there i couldn't even get a default ingame tipper with wheat in it to register the tip location.
  7. it will take a while for it to download tho as the only link i could find for the map with the name the silo has has poor download speeds. In the mean time I have compared your storage section to a silo that has cotton working with it and i see no issues in your silos storage section. Is the silo built into the map itself or is it one that is a placeable you have to buy? If it is a placable one try moving cotton to the beginnign fo the following section then go back inot the map and check the placables and make sure that the cotton shows up in the store as an icon like the rest of the filltypes do. Cotton should appear first in the store list fo filltypes for the silo if it doesn't than the map might be using a different xml for that given silo. <specs> <capacity>5000000</capacity> <fillTypes>cotton wheat barley oat maize canola sugarCane sunflower lime seeds woodChips soybean dryGrass_windrow Grass_windrow straw forage chaff fertilizer </fillTypes> </specs> If you would like you can direct msg me on here as i do have a large ingame silo that has cotton in it and was working the last time i used the silo.
  8. i will dl that map and test it out to see what is going on.
  9. if the silo is setup with fillTypes= then you should only have to add it to the list of filltypes. if the silo is setup with fillTypeCatagories= then just adding cotton wont work. You would need to change it to fillTypes and manually add in all the filltypes/
  10. Seeing as i don't have a map with those crops I won't be making it possible to harvest those crops. It takes a decent amount of time to tweak and test the headers and harvester for the various crops and i dont wanna start making setups for people that want crops added to it as it just chews up to much time i could be putting into other things. I hope you understand.
  11. I have looked into it yes but found that the header type is really not setup to make a folding header look even slighly decnt. So i have opted not to do a ropa setup as i want the headers to fold to save space.
  12. It was ment to be used to sell loose cotton to the spinnery. I wanted something a bit wider to harvest cotton with and also allowed me to not have to mess with the bales. The only thing is that loose cotton does not have a tipping effect even tho it comes out of the harvester.
  13. Version


    This is a pack with modified Big Bud tractors. I added color selection to the tractors and the rims I added a second engine setup to both of them that adds both more hp and a bit more speed to them I also added compacting scale to them so they compact better than default ones do
  14. Version


    This is a modified T4-40 harvester and header setup. I made the headers 16.7m wide and foldable. I added potato and sugarcane to the beet harvester and made seperate headers for all 3 crops. I added decals to the back of all the headers to help tell them apart. I raised the capacity on the T4-40 to 60,000 and sped the working speed of the headers up to 12mph/20kph. I made a separate T4-40 harvester and header setup just for cotton. I lowered the price of the T4-40 cotton harvester to be were when the header is bought with it it is slightly cheaper than the ingame cotton harvester. On the cotton harvester there is no unloading effect from the belt as giants never ment cotton to be a loose product like i made it. I modified a semi trailer and a trailer designed to be pulled by a tractor to hual all the crops that the pack can harvest.