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  1. I have played around with the editor & will be doing a video. Video here
  2. Version 1.0


    MillStar Feed Grinder This mod requires Global Company from the Giants modhub The MillStar feed grinder placeable pack includes the feed grinder, a small, medium & large bunker silo, also comes with a placeable Luprosil refill tank purchase point. Liquid transport tanker also included in the pack. The feed grinder requires: Maize - Capacity 100000 Litres Luprosil - Capacity 50000 Litres Output of CCM Raw - Capacity 100000 Litres The CCM Raw is then emptied into one of the provided bunker silos Once compacted to 100%, covered & left to ferment will produce CCM which can be used for Pig animal feed or sold. On a side note I have set the pricing of each placeable & product (Input/Output) to make it worth using this mod but no to make it over powered As it will take time to create each output (Including fermenting) it will not be an instant return but i hope worth the effort & time. Any feedback is welcome
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