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  1. This plugin is for Blender version 3.0.0 and above. It allows the SplineCSV data created in the Spline CSV Creator script to be directly imported into Blender instead of having to use an earlier version of Blender and exporting/importing as an obj. Installation Download the spline_csv_importer.zip file at the bottom of this topic. Open Blender (3.0.0 and above) Select –Edit—Preferences –Install and in the file browser navigate to where you saved the spline_csv_importer.zip file, Select and Install the Add-on. Once installed Activate it by selecting the check box (a single Left click usually brings up the Activation and Information panel) The Add-on can also be found in the Blender Preferences panel under Import-Export: Spline CSV Importer. To use the spline_csv_importer add on; Select File –Import – Import_Spline Data (*txt) A file Browser Panel will pop up, (an undocumented operator panel appear but this can be ignored it just means I haven’t documented it with Blender), Navigate to where your CSVdata folder has been created in your map root directory, double click to open the folder and select the required spline_Csvdata.txt file and select Import CSV . on the file browser. The spline_CSVdata will have been placed in a separate Collection named SplineCSV , retaining the original name,converted to an edge mesh and placed at the same location the spline in your map was, see image below for reference. All subsequent spline_CSVdata when added will be placed in this new Collection. Note: This Add-on will only create an single edge mesh (no other type of mesh) from a txt file created in the same format as the spline_CSVdata.txt file (i.e. no header), coordinates in the spline_CSVdata.tx have already been converted to the Blender format in the CSV Creator script and can be exported as an i3d or Nurbs curves (spline)directly back into Giants Editor. This new method will be placed in the relevant tutorial (along with a second copy of the spline_csv_importer.zip) https://farmerboysmodding.com/index.php?/topic/2413-export-a-spline-from-giants-editor-into-blender-to-create-roadsrailways-updated/ replacing the old method spline_csv_importer.zip
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  2. There is another problem with the 9.0.4 version of Giants Editor that occurs when exporting terrain as an obj file. Previously when exporting you could limit what section of terrain you wanted to export by just using the viewport window a sort of what you see is what you get. Unfortunately wth this current version when you export the terrain you export the WHOLE terrain regardless of the viewport settings./position which can lead to problems with low spec computers.
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  3. Paint Foliage by Spline This requires the use of two scripts Spline Foliage Set Up Sets up the User Attributes required by the Spline Foliage script Spline Foliage main script The Spline Foliage script can paint/delete foliage randomly or completely along and either side of a spline in two areas, Paint 1 and Paint 2 these areas can be used independently or combined depending on the effect required. Download and Instructions for installation of the two scripts at the end of the tutorial The following User Attributes are generated by executing the Spline Foliage Set Up script a description of each User Attribute follows Items in brackets in the created User Attributes are for format purposes so will be ignored in this list SPLINE FOLIAGE Title of the script as it can be used at the in conjunction with spline scripts such as the Terrain Paint script. Paint 1 When selected allows the painting of foliage in area 1 Set Paint1 width Set this to the overall width you want to paint the foliage either side of the spline. Set Foliage Layer 1 This is a reference number used by the script to get the correct Density map modifier for the foliage and refers directly to the name of the foliage layer A reference table for mapUS maps is included in the zip file, other maps will be different. Set Foliage Layer State 1 Is a reference to the position of the Layer State in the Layer State dropdown in the Foliage Layer Painting panel of Giants Editor i.e for the foliage grass the Layer State ‘1’ would refer to invisible and ‘2’ greenSmall. Random Foliage Paint 1 When selected paints a random selection of all Layer States for the selected Foliage Layer set in the Set Foliage Layer 1 attribute. Paint 2 When selected allows the painting of foliage in area 2 The following are the Paint 2 attributes and perform exactly as the Paint 1 attributes detailed above. Set Paint 2 Width, Set Foliage Layer 2, Set Foliage Layer State 2, Random Foliage Paint 2 Set Distance between Foliage Sets the fixed distance between the painted foliage, default is 0.5 Random Foliage Distance When selected randomizes the distance the foliage is painted either side of the spline, maximum distance each side is half the width settings of Set Paint1 width and Set Paint 2 Width respectively. Set Foliage Layer and Set Foliage Layer State numbering examples (a reference image listing all Foliage Layers and Foliage Layer States for the mapUS i3d is included in the zip file) Note: TerrainDetail is included in the script but only the GroundType is implemented TerrainDetailHeight, olive and grape are not implemented. Using the scripts Open map in GE and Select the Spline Foliage Folder (Scripts—Spline Foliage) select Detach Menu And your Spline Foliage scripts will be readily available in their own panel. Then select the Spline Foliage Set Up script this will execute the script and create a set of user attributes for the Spline Foliage script in the User attributes panel of GE. It is important to note that foliage painting will be done across the whole selected width every time the script is executed. Foliage can be manipulated by adjusting the width settings and deleting unwanted foliage area’s using both Paint 1 and Paint 2 area's as necessary. To delete excess Set Foliage Layer State to '0' and execute the script With the Set Foliage Layer State to '0' the random foliage distance selection can also be used which will delete random sections on either side of the spline. Subsequent executions using the same settings will delete further random sections of the selected Foliage Layer. Any different foliage layer selected that uses the same gdm file (densityMap_fruits.gdm) will delete existing foliage over the set width. Weed and stone use different gdm files so are not affected by any foliage over painting/deletion Custom maps may have separate gdm files for certain foliages so will also not be affected by any foliage over painting/deletion. Alpine map Erlengrat already has a separate densityMap_groundFoliage.gdm which was added in the latest patch So if you are using this as a base map then any groundFoliage layer (such as branches etc) will not be over painted /deleted by other layers. Example Images As normal I suggest you test all the options/settings on a blank map before doing any painting on a WIP map. Open map in GE and create a spline (Create--- Spline) Draw out the spline in the normal way to a suitable shape and experiment with the various settings using the above images as a guide. To Add Extra Foliage Layers to the Script. Open a map in Giants Editor Select Window—Script Editor to open the script editor window Select the spline Paint script In the editing panel you will see at the top of the script the following To add new foliage layers such as carrots for example, to the script enter the following, {26, ”carrots”, 9} (example in green in the image above) Where 26 is the next consecutive number “carrots” is the name of the new foliage 9 is the number of Foliage Layer States (crop states if you prefer) of carrots. Note: It must have the curly brackets at either end otherwise it will not work Save the script, the new foliage layer carrots is now added to the script. Installation Instructions Download and unzip the Spline Foliage.zip Copy paste the folder into the Giants Editor script folder located at C:/Users/Your Computer Name/AppData/Local/GIANTS Editor 64bit 9.0.3/scripts Open map in GE and Select the Spline Foliage Folder (Scripts—Spline Foliage) select Detach Menu and your Spline Foliage scripts will be readily available in their own panel. Place the included reference image in a suitable file for easy reference. SplineFoliage.zip
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    Hey Guys. i like this mod in FS19, he is realy usefull. is there a plan to bring this chipper in FS22 too? lg andreas
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