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    Varitron 960 In game 470 with some added bells and whistles. This unit will harvest potato and sugar beet. Just be sure to look in the potato or sugar beet category. Added a wide header option, capacities, motor selection, and several color options Work speed: 12mph/19kph Hp: 435 or 1000 Work width: 3m or 9.6m Capacity: 20k, 50K, or 500K Base, design, and rim color selections.
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    Capello corn header edited Price: $10,000 Color selction Brand selectable decals Capello, New Holland, John Deere, Case International Work Speed: 22mph
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    Version 1.0


    MillStar Feed Grinder This mod requires Global Company from the Giants modhub The MillStar feed grinder placeable pack includes the feed grinder, a small, medium & large bunker silo, also comes with a placeable Luprosil refill tank purchase point. Liquid transport tanker also included in the pack. The feed grinder requires: Maize - Capacity 100000 Litres Luprosil - Capacity 50000 Litres Output of CCM Raw - Capacity 100000 Litres The CCM Raw is then emptied into one of the provided bunker silos Once compacted to 100%, covered & left to ferment will produce CCM which can be used for Pig animal feed or sold. On a side note I have set the pricing of each placeable & product (Input/Output) to make it worth using this mod but no to make it over powered As it will take time to create each output (Including fermenting) it will not be an instant return but i hope worth the effort & time. Any feedback is welcome
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    Version 1.0.0


    Why the name Joran’s Farm? Joran was a 14 year old kid who was a huge fan of my first map. He dreamed of having his own map and to learn modding himself. He was a very friendly and a smart kid who was fighting cancer. I started to work with him and we had daily contact. I started to create a map for him with his name. Some of the items on this map he created or reskinned himself. Most things and play-style on this map were his idea. Sadly he lost his fight against cancer 28 May 2018. I made the landing point on the map into a memorial for Joran. Please take a look and hold a minute of silence for him.
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    still working hard on the fs19 map , i have no release date.

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