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    Originally this mod was started as just a minor upgrade to the bruks to fix the major texture issues. I worked with Bigdaddy in the beginning to help me fine tune it. After working on it i decided to just replace the entire model itself. So i made a new box for it and cut the pipe and crusher wheels off existing giants equipment. I continued to tune it after that. I asked BDBSSB for help on some texturing and he kindly helped me get the new box textured properly. I then had him help me add a motor and wiring, and also had him add in new frame attacher options based on attachment type you want to use. After that he helped me do some final tuning in the xml at which point there was nothing really left of the original xml file as we had redone 95% of it. We decided to dedicate the mod to a fellow mod maker named Maverick74 that has made maps in fs17. We have not been able to get ahold of him in the last 6 months so it was decided then to dedicate this new mod to him. Though we hope nothing has happened to him. The stump grinder is on the bottom of tree maverick. if you lower it enough you can just drive forwards to grind the stump without having to lift the machine. Mod Store Options: Selectable attachment type Selectable Maverick74 logo (visible or not) Selectable main color Selectable design color: decals 4 capacity options: 50k default, 500k, 1 million, and 3 million. Capacity upgrades have a cost to purchase.
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    What a GREAT mod. I just love it. And Thank You for all the work you have put into it.
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    I know I helped with beast so I’m bias but this thing is a blast. Stumps are simply pooof. Drop machine in front of the tree, cut, then run the stump over. Quickly trees are chips and stumps are dust. Huge thanks to NC for taking on this challenge.
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    Thanks for the testing and the feedback. Awesome to hear positive comments. It was as fun to work on as it is to use.
  5. @bdbssb No problem, will probaly do an updated Tutorial (have one I done on FS.UK two years ago) on various ways of doing roads at a later date also a quick little update to the Spline Placement script soon just making the random scaling more usable (same random scale on all axis) to avoid squashed and deformed trees items etc.
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    This mod is a credit to BDBSSB and NCRaiders, what an excellent job in essentially rebuilding a good mod. I have tested the mod in Wllamina Forest and Wild West as well as the standard maps where it performed very well. It looks so much better, performs so much better and the tribute to Maverick 74 is simply a fitting salute to a truly great modder
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    Varitron 960 In game 470 with some added bells and whistles. This unit will harvest potato and sugar beet. Just be sure to look in the potato or sugar beet category. Added a wide header option, capacities, motor selection, and several color options Work speed: 12mph/19kph Hp: 435 or 1000 Work width: 3m or 9.6m Capacity: 20k, 50K, or 500K Base, design, and rim color selections.
  8. The updated scripts are available at the end of the Set Terrain Height, Paint Terrain and Spline PLacement SCripts tutorialthis section was done to explain the listings in the i3d and unfortunately I didn' update the download text.

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