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    • Ok I have to be honest I rarely play long enough to notice damage. Does an implement have to be used to incur damage?  I guess my thought is if something sits in the weeds it still gets old. Every mod has a life time setting in it. I’ll try to double check that it wasn’t set low. Usually it’s set very high to deter fast degrading.  And when I said above does it have to be attached. Have you tested it against other in game equipment. Have you noticed the tree grinder degrading faster?
    • The tree maverick is attached to a wheel loader and is "taking damage" requiring repair while not on or being used. I thought it might be real dirt but i removed that and repaired and washed it and just sitting there its condition drops. Only reason I know this is due to inspector. Does that make more sense? I'll try to grab a log later today or tomorrow.
    • I’m not really sure what you’re having issues with?  Inspector?  Also can you possibly share your log?  Curious of any errors. May be another mod conflicting. 
    • Having an issue where the tree maverick when sitting idle (not in loader or running) loses its condition. Suddenly it will show up as completely unrepaired or just losing condition on inspector. I usually leave it attached to the wheel loader. the map i am on right now is No Man's land.
    • I did not change the bga I simply edited and added a deferent fermenter pack to accept the filltypes and upped the capacity per request.  Hope that does what you’re looking for. 
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