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  • FS19_MixerWagonXT By Maverick74

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    You have to put this mod in your modfolder to get the    modded  MixerWagons to work correctly. Without this the output will still be forage.
  • Hulk Truck Pack By ncraiders

    To refuel the tanker truck only put the cab into the fuel trigger.  If you want to fill the tank only have the tank in the trigger.  if both the cab and tank are in the trigger it will only try an fill the trucks fuel tank and not the tanker portion.   This is a truck pack with the following trucks. Tipper Truck                             Capacity: 48000     Capacity options: 500k, 1 mil, or 3mil Tanker Truck                             Capacity: 30000     Capacity opti
  • FS19_SeedFert_Mixer1702 By Maverick74

    This are edited strautmann foodmixers.     (You need to put the  FS19_MixerWagonXT mod  in your modfolder to get this to work correctly, made by ThundrR75) Includes - SeedMixer  100k capacity colorable >  Mix wheat 50% , sunflower 25%  , manure  20% , and lime 5% to make your own seeds   -FertilizerMixer 100k capacity colorable >  Mix manure 50% , straw 25% , woodChips 25% and lime 5% to make your own fertilizer   You can find these mixers at the vehicleMisc c
  • Triple Wide T4-40 Pack By ncraiders

    This is a modified T4-40 harvester and header setup.  I made the headers 16.7m wide and foldable.  I added potato and sugarcane to the beet harvester and made seperate headers for all 3 crops.  I added decals to the back of all the headers to help tell them apart.    I raised the capacity on the T4-40 to 60,000 and sped the working speed of the headers up to 12mph/20kph.   I made a separate T4-40 harvester and header setup just for cotton. I lowered the price of the T4-40 cotto
  • Big Bud Pack By ncraiders

    This is a pack with modified Big Bud tractors. I added color selection to the tractors and the rims I added a second engine setup to both of them that adds both more hp and a bit more speed to them I also added compacting scale to them so they compact better than default ones do
  • Liquid Storage By bdbssb

    Liquid Storage Pack     <version></version> Just added the ability for the tank trailers to haul all materials so now you can fill your seeders with seed and fertilizer from them as well!   <version></version> Major update.  Please be sure to empty and sell your fuel tanks before installing this update.  I have removed the fuel trailers because they aren't needed anymore.  Equipment will refuel from all tanks now.
  • KS950D Pack By bdbssb

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    KS950 Pack   <version></version> Added high capacity option   <version></version> Updated mod and store image.     <version></version> Worked on drawbar (visual purposes), fixed connections on front (now show before connection).   This is the KS950 Krampe trailer modded a bit.  I added a second trailer with a dolly attached so the unit could be used as a road train.  T
  • FS19_rapide8400Windrow By bdbssb

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    Latest version Added color decals, added chrome option for wheels.   Rapide 8400W with added capacity and windrowers Cat: Loading Wagon Capacity: Standard: 100,000 Extension: 150,000 Working Speed: 30kph/18mph Price: $80,000   Major update, huge thanks to NcRaiders as always for some awesome work.  He was able to get the windrowers worked in to the mod as an addon option in the store.  By default the wagon will have the windrowe

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