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  1. Although it’s not a wrapper.
  2. My suggestion is use the seeder with no mods. I definitely think you have a mod conflict.
  3. The issue that way is the routine of the fertilization that has to be done unless there was another update. If you watch the video I did with the release I go over it.
  4. I don’t think you can hire a worker for a loading wagon? Maybe for a windrower but the wagon is just a widened loading wagon it’s not actually working as a windrower. Smoke and mirrors. I suggest trying a regular loading wagon to test.
  5. bdbssb

    Varitron 960

    If it’s for your personnel use there’s no need to ask for permission. I appreciate it anyway. The only need to ask for permission is if you’re planing on uploading mods to external sites to make it public. Then it’s just courtesy simply for support reasons.
  6. You would need to make a decal the full length of the trailer.
  7. Hello start by watching this. We try to teach people how to do rather than just do. Please feel free to follow the link to my site In the video description and go to contact and click the discord button to join my discord. I can give you better response time there.
  8. bdbssb

    Varitron 960

    Eeh haven’t messed with sc much. Drawback is the header.
  9. Thank you for supporting this page 👍🏼
  10. Version


    This is the draper edited to attach to the Big X, it will work for grass, grain, and corn (processes material to chaff, grass will still be grass). Cost: 45,000 Selectable decals: New Holland, Case, Massey, JD, Krone Work Speed: 22mph, 35kph
  11. FS19 Vehicle Specular/Gloss/Dirt/Wear In this video I show how to make a gloss/specular image for a FS19 model that is using the vehicle shader. I show how to paint it in blender. Most importantly with a huge thanks to Shywizard (showed me how to rgb split in Gimp), I show how to combine the images in Gimp. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am able to help in more detail if you join my discord. Simply jump on my site, hit the contact button, then click on the discord link. My site https://bdbssb3.wixsite.com/mods Shywizard's youtube link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCivT...
  12. Correct to limit spamming an acct is needed to download files.
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