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    This is simply my fermenter pack (please click link for full details if you are not familiar) edited to take alfalfa and clover. Per request I also upped the capacity to 10Mil instead of 5 Mil. FYI if you put this palceable pack on a map that doesn't have alfalfa or clover you will simply receive a warning in the gc panel. I don't believe it will cause any other issues, just wanted users to beware. This was specifically made per request by Amata316 to use on Landownuda. Just updated this placeable so that the Global Company warnings are fixed. I forgot when I changed the folder name it would need the language file updated. Thanks to Rebecca for letting me know about the issue.
  2. I did not change the bga I simply edited and added a deferent fermenter pack to accept the filltypes and upped the capacity per request. Hope that does what you’re looking for.
  3. This has been asked multiple times in discord so I thought I would add the subject here. To add a collision inside a vehicle the parent component in the rigid settings compound has to be checked. Also in the child collision part compound child has to be activated. Like shywizard has commented these settings can be applied while exporting a model in the new exporter for blender 2.9 or you can add the following example to the par by editing the i3d via notepad. Refer to the compoundChild part below. After saving the i3d in notepad and opening it back up in ge the grayed out box will be check like in the image below. ```xml <Scene> <Shape shapeId="1" name="colPart01" translation="0.000757065 1.00552 -1.00853" compoundChild="true" collisionMask="8194" density="0.001" nodeId="166" materialIds="4" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true" nonRenderable="true"/> </Scene> ```
  4. Huge thanks to fscommando for getting the site setup to add this video.
  5. Shywizard did this awesome video, I wanted to be sure to share it here so he doesn't have to use his personal file space. 2020-12-07_18-38-39.mp4
  6. Correct @Poorboy good find. For those of you who aren’t aware if you make a new map from a previous one it will usually have an existing tip collision mask. You need to paint a new one because the original map will have all the road areas and buildings painted so that material can’t be dumped on those areas. What will happen is when you mow grass or even for example straw windrowed will not appear in those areas but then mound up as soon as you hit a spot that doesn’t have the painted area. You have to remove all tip collision area and re paint then run the script.
  7. Or you can back the modDesc version back a few. Change to to maybe 49 and try.
  8. Talked on discord. Anyone following it was a corrupt file.
  9. Yeah I’ve never checked to see if you can open it somehow with notepad but once the map is loaded scroll all the way through the console to double check for errors or warnings. If there is a missing shader it can cause that.
  10. Are there any errors or warnings listed in the console in ge?
  11. That is new to me. I’ll see if I can find an answer.
  12. Have you checked your log for errors or warnings? I haven’t heard of this issue unless a person has a mod conflict.
  13. Sorry didn’t see this closed out. Did you find the bit settings? They are in ge in the collision mask.
  14. bdbssb

    in cab screen

    I think we discussed this in discord and you found the issue? It was an object in the i3d if i remember correctly.
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