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    Love the customizability, great colour choices. Is it possible to empty it of fertilizer so you can add lime or herbicide?
  6. I don’t think you can hire a worker for a loading wagon? Maybe for a windrower but the wagon is just a widened loading wagon it’s not actually working as a windrower. Smoke and mirrors. I suggest trying a regular loading wagon to test.
  7. i can`t get a worker to use this mod, is it because it needs to be base game equipment?
  8. bdbssb

    Varitron 960

    If it’s for your personnel use there’s no need to ask for permission. I appreciate it anyway. The only need to ask for permission is if you’re planing on uploading mods to external sites to make it public. Then it’s just courtesy simply for support reasons.
  9. You would need to make a decal the full length of the trailer.
  10. The updated scripts are available at the end of the Set Terrain Height, Paint Terrain and Spline PLacement SCripts tutorialthis section was done to explain the listings in the i3d and unfortunately I didn' update the download text.
  11. Watched this video but still dont get how to add an image that will be the full length of the trailer on both sides.
  12. So you know how we have the international flags pack on fs19 u guys should do all 50 states of the USA flag pack
  13. I would like to ask your permission to add sugar cane, for my own personal use.
  14. Hello start by watching this. We try to teach people how to do rather than just do. Please feel free to follow the link to my site In the video description and go to contact and click the discord button to join my discord. I can give you better response time there.
  15. bdbssb

    Varitron 960

    Eeh haven’t messed with sc much. Drawback is the header.
  16. Hello. I know nothing about modding. I am seeking help on having a custom trailer made for my farming simulator game. I have the graphic I would like used. If anyone can help me with this please and thank you.
  17. Nice !!! Are you planning to add sugar cane also into the harvester ?
  18. A bit more information would help on what part/s you are struggling with in the borders section. NOTE. Blender 2.78/9 was used in the tutorial, I haven't tried using version 2.8 yet but I would think it is much the same method apart from the new Blender layout
  19. im struggling with the blender part for the borders, is there any chance of someone helping me out?
  20. Thank you for supporting this page 👍🏼
  21. well done BDB 🙂 Thank you
  22. Version


    This is the draper edited to attach to the Big X, it will work for grass, grain, and corn (processes material to chaff, grass will still be grass). Cost: 45,000 Selectable decals: New Holland, Case, Massey, JD, Krone Work Speed: 22mph, 35kph
  23. it is me the original,im no good at explaining my self unfortunately im so used to making fictional maps it took me a while to know how blender worked i do get confused some times an ask for abit help { explaining my self is the issue }... but ive now managed to sort the issue out.. thank u for your time lancyboi
  24. Sorry but I'm a bit confused here, in your first post you stated you had a problem with the Z range elevation which suggests to me you had already done a dem and checked the z range in microdem or something similiar, GE doesn't have a z range figure, height is done by the Y scale/translation. Now you are saying you don't know where to find the min max height levels of the dem, might I suggest you read and follow the tutorial which explains how to do a dem and correct any z range problems you might have. As to being new to you I find that a bit hard to believe, unless you have unfortunately chosen a name which is well known in the modding community by sheer chance .
  25. sorry if im re peating my self buddie but this is totally knew to me.... how would i find the min and max height levels in the dem do i find it in google earth when i do it as 2km ?
  26. First of all you need your actual min and max height levels in the dem itself, But using your 100 to 700 figures as an example from note 2 in tutorial Ratio = 700/100 = 7 maxHgt in GE 255/7 = 36.4 therefore to keep the same ratio of min to max your z range would be from 36 to 255 given that you have a high min max height figure its not suprising you have large variations in GE this can also depend on the acuracy of your dem (90m,30m, 10m 5m, 2m, 1m or 50cm) as detail would be missing which could cause large variatins in height in GE For Example Standard 2k map dem size 1024 x 1024 (before saving in GE) each pixel represents 2m so for a 90m dem (sampling every 90m) distance between points in pixels will be 45 (approx 22 points across the 1024 dem) and a 2m dem (sampling every 2m) distance between points in pixels will be 1 (obviously 1024 points across the 1024 dem) The greater the accuracy the better the dem
  27. hello buddie. im having abit of problem with the z range elevation ive tried from 100 to 700 for past 12 hours staright still cant get it correct,i keep getting high spikes an deep gauges.. dont know what im doing wrong,im tring to do a dem for ireland.. thanks lancyboi
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