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  6. With the advent of FS22 and its new texture regime I thought I would post this as a way of creating all the necessary image textures from a diffuse image (Height, Normal, Metallic, Smoothness, Edge, AO and Specular) that will (maybe) be required. For this I am using a FREE texture programme called Materialize available here http://boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/ The programm allows the creation of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) POM (Paralax Occlusion Map) and Seamless texture's from a suitable image and has many editing functions so many in fact that I have put a couple of youtube links at the end should you wish to learn more about the programme, there are several other good video's available on youtube as well. Unfortunately it does not open/save dds fies but only accepts/saves in the following formats BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIFF and as GE accepts the PNG format it is best to set that as default by opening the Settings tab in the bottom right of the interface also while there set the Normal Map Style to Maya Style. The base image is one I took of some shingle on a little seaside trip recently and converted to seamless texture Below is an example, using the base image, of what can be achieved using the various types of image maps to create PBR/ POM textures and might help to understand the process and result In creating the following examples. This first image is of the base image on a cube with no enhancements Second is just with Height map created and applied (Show Full Material applied) Third is with a Normal Map created and both Height and Normal maps applied (Show Full Material applied) Fourth is with the Height Map removed and just the Normal map applied to give an indication of the difference a height map can make -- which is the case for most textures currently in FS19, also the FS19 terrain textures seem to use the height map in the alpha layer of the normal map to creat a PBR/POM image, downside of this method is the image needs to be saved as a DTX5 so is twice the bit size of a normal DXT1 image for the same image size (ie 512 512 DXT5 -5k--- 512 512 DXT1- 2.5k) so using more texture memory. Fifth is with all maps created and applied Height,Diffuse,Metallic,Smoothness, Edge and AO (Show Full Material applied) The following image illustrates what happens if Paralax Displacement is overdone in this case increased from 0.5 to 2 Finally this is the material in GE using the created Normal Map and a Specular map created using Smoothness,AO, Edge and Height maps in the relevant Specular Map channels---- Diffuse/Normal saved as DXT5 Specular as DXT1 with height map added to normal alpha channel As this programme has many editing functions for each image and also for final set up Post Proces (Bloom/Depth of field etc) getting the best results will require some experimentation with all the settings at first, so viewing the video's linked at the bottom along with the tutorial video's on the Materialize site is a must to understand all of the programmes capabilities. A quick intro to some of the operations P -- paste from Clipboard C -- copy to clipboard O -- open file S -- Save file Show Full Material when selected show the combined effect of all the currently created images The Property Map options in the Savings Options in the top left of the screens allow you to select which maps you want to select to create your specular map A Height map must be created first and each image is dependant on the previous one so if for example after creating all the images you redo the Metallic map you will have to recreate the maps following that one to get the correct result. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DhLnl_-4RY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHlZ1_9-TDE Note: Normal Maps for terrain textures in FS19 Here is one method that can be used to create the Normal Maps for the terrain images All images must be 512 x 512 Save the Height Map you created in Materialize and open it in Photoshop (or any image editor that allows display/editing of Colour/Alpha Channels) Open an exsisting terrain normal map in Photoshop, concrete01_normal is a good one to use as it already has the red channel black and blue channel white plus the Alpha Channel Copy paste the Height Map image into the Alpha andGreen Channels of the concrete01_normal image With only the Green Channel selected increase Brightness and contrast by 50% Ensure the Alpha Channel is deselected and image is selected as RGB and rename and save as DXT5 Should you wish a reflection either increase the brightness of the Red Channel which will give you reflection over all your texture or copy paste your Alpha Channel image to the Red Channel and adjust brightness to suit, this wil give a more targeted reflection You can also create a simulated height map by changing your custom terrain image mode to greyscale, reduce contrast by 50% and add a Gaussian blur with a radius of 1 and use that instead of the Height Map in the above method. Finally I know there are programmes out there that will probably do all this automatically but not everyone can get the Student freebie version or afford the exhorbitant subscriptions so for me FREE is best and yes even the photoshop version I use is a free legacy version (CS2) (available here https://www.techspot.com/downloads/3689-adobe-photoshop-cs2.html) which together with the free Nvidia dds plugins and the Stand alone Nvidia Texture tool is quite adequate for what I need regarding image creation/editing for Farming Simulator.
  7. You were correct, it was a mod conflict. It conflicts with the mod Variable Spray Usage. Removed that mod and it works fine, do not really need it with Precision Farming anyway. Thanks!
  8. Have you tried on an un modified map and no other mods? I’ll test again but may be a mod conflict.
  9. Love the mod, great job. Only issue I have with it that perhaps you can steer me to the lines to fix mine if you don't have time to go through it. I can get all the products to spread as they should, the issue is that of the 4 products (dry fert, liquid fert, herbicide, and lime) only dry fert goes down in the tanks. All the other products remain at full. Lol I can lime a whole map and the tank will never run out. Any direction you could give would be great. Thanks again for a really nice mod.
  10. You only need to copy the data itself and not the " X(Z) axis Y(X) axis Z(Y) axis" headings they are there as a guide. Just a reminder of the steps from the tutorial "Import CSV file Select “Point list containing X.Y,Z columns in File Type menu Select the folder icon at the end of the .csv File Path: selection box and browse to where you saved the CSV.txt file and click Accept (top left) Ensure that comma[,] is selected in the Delimiter section Click the Add Button and in the configuration box below Select Create vertices only and in the pop up box select “Create vertices and edges (single line)” The X,Y,Z column details can be left as is (the script has already allowed for the axis labelling). In Object Name put csvSplineRoad. Select import The csvRoadSpline mesh will appear in the Scene panel at the top as a mesh, select this and zoom out till you can see it (it will be at the same world location as it was in your map, hence the high camera clip distance ‘End 10km’ in the view menu). Do not change the location of this mesh as it will cause problems when aligning the finished road in GE."
  11. I copied the XYZ from GE log into a notepad++ and names it CSVdata.txt dit the blender steps and hit import bit the spline did not import in blender did i name iw wrong or copy it not right? sorry for al the questions meny thx
  12. In your GE log you will have a section of data after running the script with the title of "CV HEIGHT for CSV File and TERRAIN ALIGNED i3d SPLINE" which has two parts the first part is the spline data headeed with --- "This section adjusts and aligns the spline to the terrain and can be used in the Terrain Height or Placement script inside a new Transform Group ----- Copy lines below into Notepad++ and save it as i3D " the second section of data is headed with- "This section changes the axis labels so it can be used in the CSV Mesh script in Blender so not needing to import terrain into Blender copy/paste data into notepad and save as CSVdata.txt. The axis in brackets are the equivalent ones in Giants Editor." Which is self explanatory.
  13. Ok it worked to make a "spline.i3d" file and import it into GE. thank you this was verry helpfull. one more question: what csv date do i have to copy in a notpas++ to save as SCV.txt -> i don't realy know what to copy into the scv.txt file? is it the same data as spline.i3d?
  14. All you need to do is copy/paste the relevant details into notepad ++ and in notepad ++ File -- Save As, and enter in the File name box, spline.i3d and select Save (disregard the Save as type dropdown box entry), notepad will then save the file in the xml format as spline.i3d which you can then import into GE in the normal way.
  15. Hi, i was reading the instructions to build a road in GE after i opend the editor_log.txt file and selected the code. i opend a blank notepad++ and copied the code from editorlog. but i don't understand how to save it as "spline.i3d"??? if i want to "save" or "save as" the notepad as a i3d file i don't know how to save it as a i3d file to proceed with the next step to import it into giants editors
  16. As far as I'm aware you can only change the dem map size by adjusting the pixel density in steps of 1 ie 1024 x1024 pixel density 2 = 2k x 2k, pixel density 3 = 3k x 3k etc The gdm/grle files however have to work to the power of two so when divided by the pixel density the result is a whole number to avoid distortion i.e gdm 4096 pixel density 2 = 2048 gdm 4096 pixel density 3 = 1365.3333 gdm 4096 pixel density 4 = 1024 in your case ----gdm 8192 pixel density 2.5 =3276.8 Hence the reason map sizes are normally 2k x2k, 4k x4k, 16k x 16k with 2pixel density
  17. But it should be a power n
  18. Hi what does it mean - with 2.5 pixel and dem 4096 my gdm should be 10240x10240?
  19. Looks like you have got a problem with your Gdm files being the wrong size, what have you based your calculations on dem/gdm size as normally the following applies Normal map of 2k x 2k dem- 1024 with 2 pixel definition gdm -- 4096 x4096 tipCol 4096 x 4096 seasons mask 4096 x 4096 farmland.grle-1024x1024 an 8192 x 8192 gdm size normally equates to a 4k x 4k map with 2 pixel resoloution
  20. Hi I created a 10x map using 4097 dem with pixel at 2.5. all the gdm files are at 8192. I completed the map and started the test. I discovered an issue when I use season kind of crosses appear on my fields characterized by higher crop maturity. I enclosed captures to explain this phenomenon. Need your help I don’t know if it s a Pb of file size, script or other. thank you in advance
  21. Glad you found it 👍🏼
  22. This is what i have been looking for . Thank you
  23. i got it, some how managed to not read that part lol but i realized if you center the origin to the center of the blender project and just change the Z axis rotate to -90 it works that way aswell
  24. What do you mean by "correct location" when you open the CSV in Blender the mesh will be at the world location of your original GE spline , that is to say wherever your original spline translations X,Y.Z were in GE is where your CSV mesh will be in Blender, check Location in the transform cordinates box. From the Tutorial
  25. i just used it via 2.7, i have an issue though when i open up the CSV in blender the spline isn't importing at the correct location, any ideas anyone?
  26. Version


    This is not a map First off these files and entries are from Sandy Bay by OxygenDavid off of Farming Simulators Mod Hub. Full credits goes to him or where ever he found those files. I simply pulled info to help someone who was asking for the files needed to add alfalfa to a map. I warn, I honestly have not done any map editing yet for FS19. I took the files and lines that I could see needed and zipped them up. Please let me know if something is needed. This is not a tutorial. If you need help please feel free to ask questions and I will work with you to help as much as I can.
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    This is an addon that needs global company to work properly. With the edited draper header included in this mod you will be able to harvest poplar and cotton with any harvester large enough to handle the draper. Not only will a harvester harvest cotton and poplar but any tipper that hauls bulk material will now be able to haul and unload cotton properly. Other harvesters and headers will deal with cotton however there is usually issues with pipe and other unloading functions along with the need to have edited tippers. This mod is designed to fix those issues. I added logos on the sides of this header as well so it is easier to know it is the cotton poplar header not to be confused with other draper headers. This header also has color selection along with brand decal selections like my other draper edit.
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