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    So huge thanks to fcommando for starting this site to begin with. But the reason for this post is to make people aware of what a great asset a forum can be. Fc updated the site a bit last night to make it a bit easier to see the forum. It’s always been here, it has just been on be very bottom of the page. I will try to do better myself to keep on the subjects. Please feel free to start new topics as well. You don’t have to limit topics to mods via the link in the files. Hit the start new topic button and feel free to ask away. Thank to everyone on the site. Let’s keep the traffic up to keep the site alive.
  6. lol actually it is a wrapper isnt it
  7. Version


    This is the in game Sek 802 with the Nexus AutoLoad Script added. You must have the Nexus AutoLoad Script in your mods folder. Please use the link to download the script if you don't have it already. I am not supplying the mod here because it is requested by Nexus that you get the script there. Please note if you have an autoload truck or trailer that does not have the stand alone autoload script (script is physically in the mod) the stand alone script will disable those mods to prevent conflicts. The trailer has a dump option just beware there is a small bug. If you have bales or pallets still in autoload mode they will not move with the bed. You simply have to manually place parts on the bed or with autoload unload the parts to the bed (center) then tension straps can be applied or product will simply slide off. If everyone enjoys this small trailer and would like to see pallets added please contact me on my discord (click the link for an invite). I would be more than happy to add pallets or objects in. Just be able to give me an example of where to get the part. I have to know the dimensions and attributes enable to do so. Cost is 8k 2 color selections Rim color selection
    very handy, very practical, and beautiful mod I use it with liking this mod
  8. Although it’s not a wrapper.
  9. is there one of these out for square bails plx
  10. My suggestion is use the seeder with no mods. I definitely think you have a mod conflict.
  11. It's like the other, it's maybe the keyboard attribution ?
  12. Hi thanks for this job, but i can;t choose the type seed, in anather it's with button Y, but not on this one ... why not ?
  13. The issue that way is the routine of the fertilization that has to be done unless there was another update. If you watch the video I did with the release I go over it.
  14. I believe that was a bug on giants behalf, because the in game estrela did in fact have the cultivate work area, which has now been removed. Easy enough to add to any seeder though by simply defining a work area for cultivation. For example my favorite in game seeder is the condor 1500 it just plants well on almost all terrains and rarely misses any spots. I've adapted my xml as follows: <workAreas> <workArea type="sowingMachine" functionName="processSowingMachineArea" chargeValue="1" needsSetIsTurnedOn="false"> <area startNode="workAreaStart" widthNode="workAreaWidth" heightNode="workAreaHeight"/> <groundReferenceNode index="1"/> </workArea> <!-- Start --> <workArea type="cultivator" functionName="processCultivatorArea" needsSetIsTurnedOn="false" > <area startNode="workAreaStart" widthNode="workAreaWidth" heightNode="workAreaHeight"/> <groundReferenceNode index="1"/> </workArea> <!-- End --> </workAreas> I used the same nodes as the sowingMachine work area and it now is a Cultivating/Seeder. Unrealistic but more effective for me since I hate waiting for the growth stages 🙂 Note: I also added: <!-- Added Cultivator tag --> <cultivator> <onlyActiveWhenLowered value="false"/> <sounds> <work template="DEFAULT_CULTIVATOR_WORK" linkNode="condor15001_main_component1"/> </sounds> </cultivator> <!-- End of Add --> Just below randomlyMovingParts group, never bothered testing if that in fact was needed or not perhaps I should do that lol... Sorry for the long post, I suppose I could of just submitted the modded seeder but this way people learn and can make their own personal edits happy modding...
    Love the customizability, great colour choices. Is it possible to empty it of fertilizer so you can add lime or herbicide?
  15. I don’t think you can hire a worker for a loading wagon? Maybe for a windrower but the wagon is just a widened loading wagon it’s not actually working as a windrower. Smoke and mirrors. I suggest trying a regular loading wagon to test.
  16. i can`t get a worker to use this mod, is it because it needs to be base game equipment?
  17. bdbssb

    Varitron 960

    If it’s for your personnel use there’s no need to ask for permission. I appreciate it anyway. The only need to ask for permission is if you’re planing on uploading mods to external sites to make it public. Then it’s just courtesy simply for support reasons.
  18. You would need to make a decal the full length of the trailer.
  19. The updated scripts are available at the end of the Set Terrain Height, Paint Terrain and Spline PLacement SCripts tutorialthis section was done to explain the listings in the i3d and unfortunately I didn' update the download text.
  20. Watched this video but still dont get how to add an image that will be the full length of the trailer on both sides.
  21. So you know how we have the international flags pack on fs19 u guys should do all 50 states of the USA flag pack
  22. I would like to ask your permission to add sugar cane, for my own personal use.
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