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    The mods themselves are well detailed. A little disappointing about the flatbed not having autoload but I see PappaSmurf had already asked that question. Getting ready to test the autoload logging truck on my PV Map. I just tried it and it works wonderfully. Thanks for allowing me to test your mod on this map. I will test more . On the video at the unloading part it is hesitating because I keep stopping it so my logs roll down the pile correctly. Mod works great. Farming_Simulator_19_2020-03-22_17-56-16.mp4
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    Capello corn header edited Price: $10,000 Color selction Brand selectable decals Capello, New Holland, John Deere, Case International Work Speed: 22mph
  6. You guys need to make an account to download this file. :D
  7. Love these trucks. But I am getting the following in my log.txt 2020-02-20 23:45 Error: Can't load resource 'C:/Users/tech/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_Hulk_Pack/Script/CargoVolume.lua'. 2020-02-20 23:45 Error: Vehicle type 'FS19_Hulk_Pack.productTruck' has unknown specialization 'FS19_Hulk_Pack.cargoVolume'! looking for a .lua that isn't in the file...Any ideas?
    Howdy, been watching a lot of "Nick the Hick" reviews. AWESOME mods fellas keep up the awsome job !!
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    45' Draper header Edit Cost: 40,000 Color selection Decal selection Case, New Holland, John Deere, Massey Ferguson
  9. I agree your instructions are great. Appreciate the detailed info. Great work.
  10. Supply diesel to have fertilizer delivered was my thought. But do what works for you.
  11. The tutorials are the same ones that I did and posted on FS-UK with just the links updated to reflect better resoloution maps becoming available on line. As I told Paul in answer to the PM he sent me I have no plans to do any video's of any of my tutorials as they are reasonably straightforward . Providing you Read and Follow the various instructions
  12. Yes, in the fermenter pack you have liquid fert, but I prefer to use the fermenter to give me diesel instead :) When you said to use the lime depot, you mean to convert diesel into liquid fertilizer instead of lime?
  13. Looks like some awesome info. Looks more in depth then I saw in fs17 so maybe no videos lol.
  14. Paul I think there are fs17 videos. Looks like he just found better maps to use. Correct wrinkleys?
  15. Thought I had one. Do what you want with it. I think my fermenter pack has a liquid fert? I suggest using the lime depot.
  16. Hi mate, I am using all of your production factories, but I think you should also do a LiquidFert production. I want to ask your permission to modify this herbicide production ( for my own use of course ) and convert it to a Liquid Fertilizer Production.
  17. Thanks. If I had time I’d do some more work on it. I’ve found more tricks since doing this edit. I also saw that I messed up and didn’t put the cab labels in the correct location. They don’t move with the cab lol.
  18. Hello, Is there a way to make it so it does not delete all my hay of I pick up 1 speck of grass? Thanks, Cory
    this is a great mod! works very well on the Krone Big X 1180 on poplar. Just what I was looking for
  19. Ni8_Rider

    Log Truck

    I downloaded this mod Mod was best

    © Ni8_rider

  20. If you are talking about autoload for bales and pallets, i made the choice not to add it to the flatbed as i had a ton of issues with it not working properly.
  21. There is already a flatbed truck in the pack.
  22. love the mod and the new updates great work as always if possible could you add a flatbed to the pack then it be cover all end and needs of doing factory work please and thank you
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