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  4. Just tried both, https://www.usna.edu/Users/oceano/pguth/website/microdem/microdem.htm and https://www.usna.edu/Users/oceano/pguth/md_help/html/download_md.htm downloaded setup.exe with no problem If you need to use another programme I suggest QGIS (free at https://www.qgis.org/en/site/ ) but be warned it is a fully fledged Geospatial programm so will require a bit of familarisation.
  5. any new ways of doing dem, microdem website is dead now
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  7. @bdbssb made a video tutorial of Array creation on his YouTube channel.
  8. lol it’s slow moving product huh?
  9. Downloads101 😃💯💥 BOOM Confetti! 🎊
  10. I would like to give credit to Scooter’s Workbench for taking the time to explain the Blender Exporter process. And @bdbssb gets credit for doing a deep dive and figuring out the Numbers section. Thanks guys! 🙂
  11. Awesome job @Dogfacety for this. This is a very powerful tool guys and gals. I’ve been using it to make some cool looking effects. With @Dogfaceinstructions this is how I made the effects for the stone picker I uploaded.
  12. Arrays are used quite extensively in FS22. Arrays are used for a variety of elements in FS22, such as effects and crawler tracks. Arrays are a collection of paths stored as a relatively small DDS file (example below). Arrays can be created in Blender using Keyframes and then exported with the GIANTS Exporter. sharedArray.dds KEYFRAMES If you do not already know about Keyframes, I recommend watching the video below. It is a bit more detailed than you will need, so just watch it and come back to it for the details you need. You will not be animating objects, just points. Keyframes - Blender 2.80 Fundamentals https://youtu.be/SZJswvw9wEs You will add one Empty in Blender for each of the paths in your array*. You then set Keyframes along the path you want for your array. Note that in the video below there is a straight path, if you want a curved path you need to set the Keyframes in a curved path. *see the Numbers section below for how many empties to create. Step-by-step Blender Guide > select 'Add' > select 'Empty' > select 'Plain Axes' > on 'Timeline', move blue slider to the desired time (start at zero) > move the 'Empty' to the desired location > press 'I' on keyboard to get the pop-up 'Insert Keyframe Menu' > select 'Location' to set a Keyframe at that location > repeat moving the Empty and setting Keyframes until you have created the desired path > clicking the 'Play Animation' button on the top of the 'Timeline' will animate the path you have created VIDEO - Blender Keyframes FS22ArrayTutorialKeyframes.mp4 REFERENCE In order to create the path, I recommend that you first import any object into Blender that could be used as a scale reference. Also if you can create an in-game reference photo of a path similar the path you want to create, you could add that as a reference photo in Blender. EXAMPLE: in the video above, I was making an array for a spreader and I imported the spreader into Blender. Also I took a picture of a similar spreader effect and imported that reference picture into Blender. EXPORTING Step-by-step Blender Guide > open 'GIANTS I3D Exporter' > select 'Tools' tab > select 'Object Data from Animations' this will open 'GIANTS MOTION PATH FROM OBJECT TOOL' > highlight all Empties > select 'Load Selected' > set AmountRel & AmountFix (see numbers section below) > enter the name you want the output file saved as in the 'Group Name' box > select 'Create' > select 'Export Object Data Texture' > the array DDS will be saved in the folder that the .blend file was saved You're done, congratulations on your graduation into the secret society of array creators. VIDEO - Blender Exporting FS22ArrayTutorialExporting.mp4 NUMBERS Effects are controlled by an effects xml. Find the xml for your effect. Here is the path to the cultivator xml: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Farming Simulator 22\data\effects\cultivatorEffects.xml In the xml, under <effectMeshes>, you will see a number of lines with 'numRows' and 'rowLength'. 1) The number of Empties you create should be equal to one of the 'numRows' numbers. 2) Set AmountRel & AmountFix to one of the 'rowLength' numbers. 🙂 good luck!
  13. Thanks. It turned out that the height scale on the template map was set very different to the value that my 19 map was set. Once done, that sorted it out.
  14. From the description of your Dem problem it sounds like a 2k dem that has been resized/enlarged to fit a 4k map thereby stretching all the contours. Also check the unitsPerPixel in your 4k template they should be 2 for correct rendition
  15. I've finally started looking at converting my not quite finished 19 map into 22. I've found a decent 4km template which had all the different ground textures, and I've brought across my weight files and they all show OK. My DEM however feels like it's been "flattened", as in, I've brought through an initial export of objects from the 19 map, and they are floating way above the ground. It's like the vertical units have been set wrong somewhere? The DEM has definitely been brought in, as I can see some features I recognise, they're just not as pronounced as they used to be. Anyone able to help?
  16. I am not sure what you are talking about, I just clicked on it on the map and hit visit just like anything else?
  17. This does that already. The production script now makes it easier to put multiple products in one building. I tried to utilize that so that there isn’t the need for 10 mods.
  18. Could you make a liquid fertilizer plant-factory ? Thx
  19. Odd. Ty for the heads up I’ll try to get it updated.
    Probably the best wood chipper in FS19 we desperately need this in FS22 Please?
    Excellent way to remove those troublesome stones. I like that you can change the colors to the standard palette. The AI works well and the effects look good. I like the dog logo on the side.
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    This is the popular Magnon loading wagon with the windrowers converted into a stone picker. $132,500 50k/100k/250k capacity option Rim color, base and secondary/decal color option. Work speed of 15mph Huge thanks to grabbylatoosh and dogface for the testing and suggestions. magnonStoneField.mp4 magnonStoneShop.mp4
  21. View File FS22 Magnon Stone Picker This is the popular Magnon loading wagon with the windrowers converted into a stone picker. $132,500 50k/100k/250k capacity option Rim color, base and secondary/decal color option. Work speed of 15mph Huge thanks to grabbylatoosh and dogface for the testing and suggestions. Submitter bdbssb Submitted 03/26/2022 Category FS22 Implements and tools CREDITS Giants, bdbssb, grabbylatosh, dogface  
  22. Trailer With Beet Cutter | ModHub | Farming Simulator (farming-simulator.com) screenshot1.jpg (1024×576) (giants-software.com)
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