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  3. Will this pack be converted to FS22?
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  5. It’s far from being done but the project has started.
    hi m8 love the mod why does it not take liquid fert or am i doing some thing wrong say it does not accpert it
  6. They have a script right on giants now that converts all cultivators to plow I think? Or does it just allow create fields? https://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&country=us&mod_id=223946&title=fs2022
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    It is important you look at notes below to understand how this building works. If you have a previous version of this building (look at modDesc version) Sell the building save then restart. Huge thanks to grabby for testing and suggestions This building will produce pig food and TMR for cows. 50% Corn, 25% Grain (wheat or barley), 20% oilseed (canola or sunflower or soybean), 5% Root (sugar beet or potato) The corn, grain, oilseed, and root will be shown in the production menu as corn, grain will be flour once converted, oilseed will be canola oil once converted, root will be sugar beet cut once converted. All those products in the pig food line will be combined as the formula I mentioned above. Then you choose the line with the Pig Food icon that mixes the corn, flour, canola oil, Sugra beet root together. You can use either crop to make each line I just havent found a way to mix filltypes like i was able to do in the past. The TMR is pretty straight forward it takes silage, grass, and straw. I did not add the mineral.
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    This placeable silo will accept anything. Solid and Liquid. (I left grapes out for now, it was causing huge lag on my system when unloading/loading them, if requested I can do a private edit, its simply adding trainwagon in to the categories.) I suggest you have an even area to place it. If you are having issues finding a trailer that will hual and load with all liquids check out my FERMENTER PACK it has the in game MK8 edited to haul all liquids and it will transfer as well as fuel equipment.
  9. These are all still compatible and work with FS22
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    I changed the leveling area but it is suggested to have a larger area or level an area out before placing. This building makes seed with barley, wheat, oat, soybean, corn and it will also need a small amount of fertilizer with each line. This building also makes lime from stone. This building also makes fertilizer and digestate from silage. TO USE PRODUCTION To get to productions hit P and go down to the dashed lines then select construction, then production. If you have no other production mods it will be all the way to the right and named fermenter. Once you put material in the silo you will need to activate the production. To do this hit escape and click on the production icon, i believe its right under contracts. Then you simply select each line and hit activate on the bottom.
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    This fermenter uses the in game production lines. It will produce Silage from straw, chaff, grass, or woodchips. The silo will store the silage or you can start secondary productions with the made silage or silage dumped in to the silo. Silage will produce fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, or diesel. When producing these products it will also produce a small amount of digestate. The silo will also store all products involved with production. Included with the pack is a trailer found in the misc section. It is the MKS8 small trailer modified to accept all liquids in game. It will dump in to the silo, load from the silo, or fuel equipment. I havent tested all equipment however i was able to fill the aeon 5200 from the silo and tank. TO USE PRODUCTION To get to productions hit P and go down to the dashed lines then select construction, then production. If you have no other production mods it will be all the way to the right and named fermenter. Once you put material in the silo you will need to activate the production. To do this hit escape and click on the production icon, i believe its right under contracts. Then you simply select each line and hit activate on the bottom.
  13. Thank you can always count on you to come through with new quality mods
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    FS22 Smarag 9 cultivator converted to a plow and sped up.
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    FS22 Nova Cross Flow sped up
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    FS22 Nova 301 Sped up
  17. No single post , but all you do is open your map in GE and zoom back until the whole map is in view (if you want to import the whole map into Blender) select the terrain in the sceneograph and select Edit - Export selection and save as .obj it will take a while as there is apoly count of approx 216664 for a 2k map some computers cannot handle such a large blender file. If you just want to import part of the map then zoom out until the part you want is in view and do the same as above. Basically when exporting terrai fron GE to Blender what you see in GE is what you will get in Blender. To avoid any complication always ensure you are looking directly down on your map in GE before exporting. I don't believe it is possible to re-import terrain from blender as an i3d and use it instead of the ingame terrain.
  18. Is there a post that explains HOW to import the whole terrain into blender? That sounds intriguing
  19. Here is another example of what can be achieved using the correct texture shaders Unfortunately the way the textures are dealt with currently in FS19 (and it appears that FS22 will use the same format ) you get a stretching of the texture at high bump levels as shown in the following image image factsheet from FS22 The stretching could be passed of as slicing like the following image but it still doesn't look qiute right and I hope they correct it in the final version of FS22. The following has been created from the acre_plantedRow texture from the ground_diffuse array in FS19 and shows how with the right combination of images and shader realistic texture can be created. In the attached zip file are all the textures created in Materialize so you can experiment for yourselves from a known base just unzip and open them in the relevant slots in Materialize, also in the zip is an i3d Plane with a lighter acre_plantedRow texture (for better definition) and an acre_Planted_Normal_2 created by using the following format (roughly the same as in FS19) so you can see/experiment with different settings in Giants Editor. Red Channel -- normal map red channel from Materialize, Green channel -- edge texture from Materialize, Blue channel filled with white Alpha channel -- Height texture from Materialize It seems the maximum Bump Depth appears to be 2 before stretching occurs in all cases where the height map is used in the Alpha channel of the normal map. acre_PlantedRow_textures.zip
  20. How did you figure it out? I'm having the same problem
  21. With the advent of FS22 and its new texture regime I thought I would post this as a way of creating all the necessary image textures from a diffuse image (Height, Normal, Metallic, Smoothness, Edge, AO and Specular) that will (maybe) be required. For this I am using a FREE texture programme called Materialize available here http://boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/ The programm allows the creation of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) POM (Paralax Occlusion Map) and Seamless texture's from a suitable image and has many editing functions so many in fact that I have put a couple of youtube links at the end should you wish to learn more about the programme, there are several other good video's available on youtube as well. Unfortunately it does not open/save dds fies but only accepts/saves in the following formats BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIFF and as GE accepts the PNG format it is best to set that as default by opening the Settings tab in the bottom right of the interface also while there set the Normal Map Style to Maya Style. The base image is one I took of some shingle on a little seaside trip recently and converted to seamless texture Below is an example, using the base image, of what can be achieved using the various types of image maps to create PBR/ POM textures and might help to understand the process and result In creating the following examples. This first image is of the base image on a cube with no enhancements Second is just with Height map created and applied (Show Full Material applied) Third is with a Normal Map created and both Height and Normal maps applied (Show Full Material applied) Fourth is with the Height Map removed and just the Normal map applied to give an indication of the difference a height map can make -- which is the case for most textures currently in FS19, also the FS19 terrain textures seem to use the height map in the alpha layer of the normal map to creat a PBR/POM image, downside of this method is the image needs to be saved as a DTX5 so is twice the bit size of a normal DXT1 image for the same image size (ie 512 512 DXT5 -5k--- 512 512 DXT1- 2.5k) so using more texture memory. Fifth is with all maps created and applied Height,Diffuse,Metallic,Smoothness, Edge and AO (Show Full Material applied) The following image illustrates what happens if Paralax Displacement is overdone in this case increased from 0.5 to 2 Finally this is the material in GE using the created Normal Map and a Specular map created using Smoothness,AO, Edge and Height maps in the relevant Specular Map channels---- Diffuse/Normal saved as DXT5 Specular as DXT1 with height map added to normal alpha channel As this programme has many editing functions for each image and also for final set up Post Proces (Bloom/Depth of field etc) getting the best results will require some experimentation with all the settings at first, so viewing the video's linked at the bottom along with the tutorial video's on the Materialize site is a must to understand all of the programmes capabilities. A quick intro to some of the operations P -- paste from Clipboard C -- copy to clipboard O -- open file S -- Save file Show Full Material when selected show the combined effect of all the currently created images The Property Map options in the Savings Options in the top left of the screens allow you to select which maps you want to select to create your specular map A Height map must be created first and each image is dependant on the previous one so if for example after creating all the images you redo the Metallic map you will have to recreate the maps following that one to get the correct result. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DhLnl_-4RY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHlZ1_9-TDE Note: Normal Maps for terrain textures in FS19 Here is one method that can be used to create the Normal Maps for the terrain images All images must be 512 x 512 Save the Height Map you created in Materialize and open it in Photoshop (or any image editor that allows display/editing of Colour/Alpha Channels) Open an exsisting terrain normal map in Photoshop, concrete01_normal is a good one to use as it already has the red channel black and blue channel white plus the Alpha Channel Copy paste the Height Map image into the Alpha andGreen Channels of the concrete01_normal image With only the Green Channel selected increase Brightness and contrast by 50% Ensure the Alpha Channel is deselected and image is selected as RGB and rename and save as DXT5 Should you wish a reflection either increase the brightness of the Red Channel which will give you reflection over all your texture or copy paste your Alpha Channel image to the Red Channel and adjust brightness to suit, this wil give a more targeted reflection You can also create a simulated height map by changing your custom terrain image mode to greyscale, reduce contrast by 50% and add a Gaussian blur with a radius of 1 and use that instead of the Height Map in the above method. Finally I know there are programmes out there that will probably do all this automatically but not everyone can get the Student freebie version or afford the exhorbitant subscriptions so for me FREE is best and yes even the photoshop version I use is a free legacy version (CS2) (available here https://www.techspot.com/downloads/3689-adobe-photoshop-cs2.html) which together with the free Nvidia dds plugins and the Stand alone Nvidia Texture tool is quite adequate for what I need regarding image creation/editing for Farming Simulator.
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