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  3. @oldseadude Just did a major update that should help, I added filltypes rather than using in game as filler. Just read notes.
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  5. Yes a python script is required to open the csv file in Blender, there is a link to the download in the tutorial for the only version currently available which only works in Blender 2.93 https://blenderartists.org/t/a-script-to-import-a-csv-file-and-create-meshes-for-blender-2-5x-or-later/501410 If you have a created a python script that does the same in Blender 3.2 and above that would be great. I did look into creating a mesh fom the CSV data in lua so the spline could be exported as an obj mesh but decided to go with the CSV conversion instead (easy option)
  6. @WrinkleysRule Am I right in thinking you just need a script to import the csv to create verts and edges from it? If so, I think I've written one.
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    GUI Help

    Hi mate, thanks. I did, yes. The GUI on most mods was far more complicated than I needed and was muddying the waters, however I have got what I wanted working in the end, thanks to a bit of help from the author of EDC and others.
  8. Not much help I know but I presume you have looked at other mods that use an interactive GUI like EasyDev controls.
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    GUI Help

    Probably a bit of a longshot given the absolute lack of resources on this out there, but is anyone able to help with scripting a functioning GUI? I've got the basics of my code done to read the data from the xml, and implement what the player might choose, BUT the gui bit to allow the player to pick their starting farm is just annoying AF.
  11. ADDENDUM: Explaining AmountRel, AmountFix and rowLength In Blender the number you set to AmountRel & AmountFix is the number of intermediate animation points created when you click "Create". For instance, if you set the AmountRel & AmountFix each to 24, Blender will create 24 intermediate animation points (see picture below). If you set AmountRel & AmountFix to 32, Blender creates 32 intermediate animation points. I assume the "Distance" number is the distance between the animation points. In-game this does not seem to affect animation speed, but it does affect animation density. The picture below is of two fertilizer spreader patterns each using a different array file. The array with rowLength set to 24 creates a pattern that is slightly less dense. Note that the distance between the arcs is greater than the 32 pattern.
  12. Prices at actual sellpoints or just prices showing up in production buildings?
  13. Glad you like it, it does give another dimension to terrain textures, as always use a blank map to experiment on with the all scripts before using on a WIP map and make a note of any settings that you like for reference. Just a little reminder, if you save the map the attributes and values entered are saved for each individual spline so when opening a map for a fresh session the attributes and values are still there.
  14. This is brilliant, and will be used extensively on my map, thanks WR. Your updated scripts have been an absolute godsend to me, I prefered doing the painting by hand in 19 with the terrain resolution increasing in 22 I'm getting a much better and more realistic result with the scripts than I was before, and it's sped up the workflow massively. i've been able to redo areas I wasn't happy with in fractions of the time it's taken to get to where I was when I converted to 22.
  15. I've had some issues with these mixers effecting production costs drastically (both + and -). Anybody else have an issue?
  16. Given the interest shown in the pothole example and the problems when textures are aligned to terrain sections (North/South, East/West) I have redone the Terrain Paint Scripts to include a separate section which allows the painting of a texture at random distances around/either side of a spline which can simulate a pothole effect or just add a random texture to others i.e path texture GRAVEL random texture GRAVELGRASS The new scripts Terrain Paint R Set Up and Terrain Paint_R are described below and are available in the Terrain Paint R zip at the end of this tutorial to install just copy/ paste the scripts directly into C:\Users\YOUR COMPUTER NAME\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 64bit 9.0.3\scripts (or whatever GIANTS Editor 64bit version you are using) They can replace the exsisting Terrain Paint and Terrain Paint Set Up scripts if desired. The TERRAIN PAINT section of the new script works in the same way as the original terrain paint script all thats been added is an extra RANDOM PAINT section. To use the TERRAIN PAINT on its own leave the 'Select Random Paint' attribute deselected if this attribute is selected ONLY the RANDOM PAINT section will be executed when the 'Terrain Paint_R' script is selected Create a spline in Giants Editor and align the spline along the terrain to whatever area you are intending to paint, the spline does not have to be accurately aligned painting will only occur at the terrain height. Then with the spline selected, Select –Scripts--' Terrain Paint R Set Up' This will create the User Attributes necessary for the Terrain Paint_R script User Attributes panel after executing the 'Terrain Paint R Set Up' script A print out in the Console log of the terrain layer textures in the following format will also be created Texture No :93:Texture Name : shingle01 Texture No :94:Texture Name : shingle02 Texture No :95:Texture Name : shingle03 Texture No :96:Texture Name : ANIMALMUD Texture No :97:Texture Name : AS Texture No :98:Texture Name : ASPHALT Texture No :99:Texture Name : CONCRETE Texture No :100:Texture Name : DIRT Both sections TERRAIN PAINT and RANDOM PAINT are executed independently using the Terrain Paint_R script. If the 'Select Random Paint' attribute is selected only the RANDOM PAINT section is executed and conversley if deselected only the TERRAIN PAINT section is executed Description of settings in TERRAIN PAINT Attributes section Set Centre Texture Width ---Width of the Centre Texture in metres Set Edge Texture Width ---Width of the Edge Textures in metres (Value set is applied to both left and right edges) Set Edge Texture Left ---Enter required left edge texture number from Consol log. Set Centre Texture ---Enter required Centre texture number from Console log Set Edge Texture Right ---Enter required Right edge texture number from Consol log. Set Distance Between Textures ---How far apart the textures are painted along the spline (default 0.5) Once set up then select the 'Terrain Paint_R' script to execute, ensuring 'Select Random Paint' attribute is deselected, A print out in the GE console log will detail the following TERRAIN PAINT attribute settings for reference Spline name: Texture Left: no, name Texture Centre: no, name Texture Right: no, name Centre Width :(m), Edge Width: (m), Texture Distance: (m) If the Set Edge Width Texture is set to zero (0) only the following will be shown in the log Spline Name, Texture Centre no, Centre Width Texture Distance Should you require only the Centre Texture then Set Edge Width Texture to zero (0) and adjust your Centre Width settings accordingly Description of settings in RANDOM PAINT Attributes section Select Random Paint --- When selected and the 'Terrain Paint R' script executed only allows RANDOM PAINT attributes to be used for painting. Must be deselected to allow the normal Terrain Paint Script Operation Random Width --- Value sets the maximum the texture is painted around the spline e.g a value of 16m will paint the texture a maximum of 8m around/either side of the spline Random Texture --- Texture Layer number from Console log Distance Between Textures --- Sets the distance between textures, the larger the distance the less textures the smaller the distance more textures and sometimes greater size due to close proximity of textures. Once the RANDOM PAINT User Attributes have been set then, With the spline selected Select ---Scripts--- 'Terrain Paint_R' the chosen texture will then be painted according to the RANDOM PAINT User Attribute settings A print out in the GE console log will detail the following RANDOM PAINT attribute settings for reference Spline Name Random Texture: no, name Random Width: (m) Texture Distance: (m) If you are not satisfied with the random texture result then simply deselect the 'Select Random Paint' attribute and execute the Terrain Paint_R script which will then repaint the original TERRAIN PAINT settings overpainting the unwanted random texture which can then be repainted by reselecting the 'Select Random Paint' attribute and after adjusting any attributes as necessarry select the Terrain Paint_R script again. Note: Because the texture is painted randomly around the spline there will be some textures painted before and after the spline ends, which can easily be cleaned up by using the normal terrain brush. The images below show the results painting with the TERRAIN PAINT section and then with the RANDOM PAINT section to give a more natural pathway effect with a print out of the attribute settings in the console log on the right of the pictures. Image 1 Settings Set Centre Texture Width --- 8m Set Edge Texture Width --- 4m (Value set is applied to both left and right edges) Set Edge Texture Left --- 109 GRAVELGRASS. Set Centre Texture --- 113 PATHWAYGRAVEL Set Edge Texture Right --- 107 GRAVELDIRT Set Distance Between Textures --- 0.2 'Terrain Paint_R' script executed A 16m wide pathway has been painted with different textures either side of the path Image 2 Settings TERRAIN PAINT settings left as before RANDOM PAINT Settings Select Random Paint --- Selected Random Width --- 16m (from TERRAIN PAINT Settings 8m = two 4m edges = 16m) Random Texture --- 109 GRAVELGRASS Distance Between Textures --- 1 'Terrain Paint_R' script executed A random GRAVELGRASS texture has been painted over the 16m TERRAIN PAINT textures Image 3 Settings TERRAIN PAINT settings left as before RANDOM PAINT Settings Select Random Paint --- Selected Random Width --- 16m (from TERRAIN PAINT Settings 8m = two 4m edges = 16m) Random Texture --- 91 waterPuddle Distance Between Textures --- 2 'Terrain Paint_R' script executed A random waterPuddle texture has been painted over both the previous script executions giving the impression of potholes The above images are just an example, always experiment and try out the various script settings on a blank map before using on a WIP first Terrain Paint R scripts.zip
  17. No problems here with the either Random Object Distance/Random Object Placement settings , though I've just noticed the descriptions in the tutorial above have not been updated to the new labels. Now corrected with some additional information. For Random Object Distance to work it must first be selected then a Set Random Object Distance Seed value inserted , higher number greater variation in distance
  18. Also, not sure if the random placement distance works in the spline placement script. My objects are suspiciously all the same distance apart. Regardless of what I set.
  19. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any commands within the Giants Editor Lua set up that will allow painting of foliage or terrain detail by spline, unlike the textures which have the 'setTerrainLayerAtWorldPos' command Why don't you just use the spline to create the field border, then using the Limit to Texture box in the FoliageLayer Painting panel to paint the chosen Terrain Detail without overpainting the spline paint texture. for example spline paint -- grass foilage Layer --Terrain detail --Ground TYpe --Cultivated Limit to Texture -- dirt or whatever the terrain texture is inside the spline grass border area Because of the way the terrain is painted you will only be able to get precise edges by painting in a North/South or East/West direction following the terrain sections. You can also use the new field spline to place hedges/trees etc around your field, (removing sections for gateways manually of course) The image below shows the result of the above settings although I have substituted the dirt texture for Rough Sand to give a clearer indication of the painting--- centre texture is the Terrain Detail ---Cultivated
  20. @WrinkleysRule is it possible to remake the terrainPaint script so that it draws not ordinary textures on a spline, but cultivated, etc in terrainDetail? It would be very useful if want to get a field quickly and with precise edges without using gimp/photoshop... so that they are drawn inside a closed spline
  21. they're not 90 no. The object is the same one that I used for other splines which worked perfectly. I think I worked out that it's something to do with the direction of the spline in relation to the way the objects should go. Put the S and E at the opposite ends and it works fine. In the meantime, I've just manually rotated the gazillion that were planted wrong on the more complex splines I'd already done 🙂 haha. it's still saving me a considerable amount of time anyway.
  22. @spudsuploading the fix now thanks for the catch.
  23. I’ll take a look. It’s not filling from anywhere? All I did was add the applicator to the back. I’ll see if it acts any different from the in game one.
  24. By pointing off to one side do you mean they are at the correct point but at 90 degrees to the spline, if this is the case then the problem is likely to be incoorect rotation on your power pole, they must point along the 'Z'axis, rotate it in GE until is aligned along the 'Z' axis and freeze transform rotation -----o------ power pole ^ direction of 'Z' axis
  25. Bit of a weird one again, used the spline placement to place several splines worth of power lines with zero issue. Doing a freshly placed spline again, the powerlines are all pointing off to one side. Spline is not rotated, and neither is the template object...?
  26. Cant seem to fill it at any trigger? I get the refuel one but nothing else. Edit: its only the yellow one that doesnt fill for me
  27. It appears that the only way to do this at the moment is to ensure you are not following the terrrain sections i.e straight north/south and east/west. try creating a 'S'' bend splineand then paint the terrain. In the meantime I will look at this problem further to see if it can be rectified
  28. Just started playing about with the new paint by spline script. I'm trying to create the random puddle effect you did, but all I get is a band of my colour across the width every 5m (my distance is set to 5 meters. How did you get the more random effect you show?
  29. Scripts have now been updated to correct problems when used with custom maps using a pixel size other than the default 'TerrainTransformGroup --- unitsPerPixel="2" '
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