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  4. Thank you for supporting this page 👍🏼
  5. well done BDB 🙂 Thank you
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    This is the draper edited to attach to the Big X, it will work for grass, grain, and corn (processes material to chaff, grass will still be grass). Cost: 45,000 Selectable decals: New Holland, Case, Massey, JD, Krone Work Speed: 22mph, 35kph
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  8. it is me the original,im no good at explaining my self unfortunately im so used to making fictional maps it took me a while to know how blender worked i do get confused some times an ask for abit help { explaining my self is the issue }... but ive now managed to sort the issue out.. thank u for your time lancyboi
  9. Sorry but I'm a bit confused here, in your first post you stated you had a problem with the Z range elevation which suggests to me you had already done a dem and checked the z range in microdem or something similiar, GE doesn't have a z range figure, height is done by the Y scale/translation. Now you are saying you don't know where to find the min max height levels of the dem, might I suggest you read and follow the tutorial which explains how to do a dem and correct any z range problems you might have. As to being new to you I find that a bit hard to believe, unless you have unfortunately chosen a name which is well known in the modding community by sheer chance .
  10. sorry if im re peating my self buddie but this is totally knew to me.... how would i find the min and max height levels in the dem do i find it in google earth when i do it as 2km ?
  11. First of all you need your actual min and max height levels in the dem itself, But using your 100 to 700 figures as an example from note 2 in tutorial Ratio = 700/100 = 7 maxHgt in GE 255/7 = 36.4 therefore to keep the same ratio of min to max your z range would be from 36 to 255 given that you have a high min max height figure its not suprising you have large variations in GE this can also depend on the acuracy of your dem (90m,30m, 10m 5m, 2m, 1m or 50cm) as detail would be missing which could cause large variatins in height in GE For Example Standard 2k map dem size 1024 x 1024 (before saving in GE) each pixel represents 2m so for a 90m dem (sampling every 90m) distance between points in pixels will be 45 (approx 22 points across the 1024 dem) and a 2m dem (sampling every 2m) distance between points in pixels will be 1 (obviously 1024 points across the 1024 dem) The greater the accuracy the better the dem
  12. hello buddie. im having abit of problem with the z range elevation ive tried from 100 to 700 for past 12 hours staright still cant get it correct,i keep getting high spikes an deep gauges.. dont know what im doing wrong,im tring to do a dem for ireland.. thanks lancyboi
    very useful mod, but i have a question, why i refiil a water tank with grain?? and i try to modify the capacity(only for me, i don't play mp) but he dosen't work, every time trailer disapear from misc
  13. OK. Thanks I thought that would be about it, just didn't want to put all the work in only to find out it won't work. Thanks for all the help and tutorials.
  14. For any different map size the only thing you need to change is the size of the dem/weight have to be increased by a factor of 2 i.e standard 2k map dem 1024 overlays 2048 -- 4k map 2048 x 2048 DEM, 4096 x 4096 overlays etc. The gdm/grle image files will also have to be increased by the same factor. With scaling down all that would be required is to resize your dem down to the appropriate size for the map you are creating, bear in mind there may be additional artifacts and a certain loss of detail caused by the rescaling/resampling of the image. There are a couple of tutorials around on creating a 16x map suggest you Google the subject, you may also require a seperate script in GE to enable editing 16k maps. The giants developer network forum is a good place to find the relevant info and ask any further questions you may have on the subject. https://gdn.giants-software.com/
  15. Hi. I'm looking to make a 8km x 8km map of my home farm area. It needs to be this big as some of the paddocks my grandfather owned were over 4kms from the main farm. What will I need to change in this tutorial to cover this area? And if I want to scale the real world 8x8km area to fit a 2x2 or 4x4 map for fs is there anything else I need to change? Thanks for your help. This is a great tutorial. :-)
  16. FS19 Vehicle Specular/Gloss/Dirt/Wear In this video I show how to make a gloss/specular image for a FS19 model that is using the vehicle shader. I show how to paint it in blender. Most importantly with a huge thanks to Shywizard (showed me how to rgb split in Gimp), I show how to combine the images in Gimp. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am able to help in more detail if you join my discord. Simply jump on my site, hit the contact button, then click on the discord link. My site https://bdbssb3.wixsite.com/mods Shywizard's youtube link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCivT...
  17. Version 18.04.2020


    Hello Farmers, This is my edit off Westbridge Hills from the FS13 Titanium addon, converted to FS19 by Vanquish081. -Cleared the farm from unneccesary items and buildings and added in a hayloft. -Overhauled the farmlands so now the whole map is buyable. -Bga triggers fixed and upped the capacity to 1 million (see image Bga-tip-place below). -Deleted traffic-splines, drive-in theatre, camping-site and the base-ball field to make room for placeables. -If u would find anything that's not working please let me now in the comment section.
  18. You use the asphalt layer for the roads see pic 5 in the tutorial for details on how to get the roads layer in Google Earth then follow instructions under the Asphalt heading. Asphalt Returning to the original 3 layer image, the DEM layer can now be deleted. Resize the remaining image to 2048 x 2048 With only the GE layer selected Edit – Copy, File- Create New and paste the GE image into the new image Layer –Flatten Image and save as 2k_GE.png Do the same for the Roads layer and save as 2k_Roads Open the new 2k_Roads.png and select Image – Mode –Greyscale, Image –Adjustments-- Brightness/Contrast –Brightness slider full left Contrast slider full right which should leave just the road layout visible. Save this as asphalt04_weight.png and further To get the Roads to stand out more open the asphalt04_weight.png in the image editor Select Color Range and select the black area Select --Inverse Selection – and Copy Paste into grass04_weight, then (only new layer) -- Image-- Adjustments --Invert Flatten Image and resave as grass04_weight.png Do the same for the sand04_weight
  19. Do you have to trace out the roads using the ge or should they apare with the grass04 and/or sand04
  20. Just a quick note regarding Microdem, on the newer versions you will need to right click in the map area to bring up the full Display Parameters option. Also if when drag dropping .tif into Google Earth it is basically a whiteout, open in Microdem and either Save map as image --Geotiff (greyscale or Quick (or Deleiberate) map export to Google Earth only change the z range if necessary. If you have further problems like high areas of your dem not translating properly and flattening out ( normally high brightness) in Giants Editor then open SRTM in MIcrodem and adjust the upper zRange to lower zRange + 255 this will spread the greyscale over a larger range, this has the effect of darkening the SRTM as the upper hight values now use a lower part of the greyscale band, the height values of the final dem should not be affected.
  21. Your problem appears to caused by subsetting the area as you have no way of knowing what the max and min height levels in your subsetted area are. Thers is no need to subset any SRTM, possibly you are confusing this tutorial wth another one by somebody else. All you need to do is open the SRTM in MIcrodem change the Z range of the Whole SRTM then in Micro dem either save as GeoTiff and drag drop into Google Earth or Quick map export to Google Earth and crop the area using the method described in the above tutorial. Using the figures you have quoted Ratio 516/172 = 3 maxHgt in GE 255/3 = 85 so your new zrange over the whole SRTM will be 85 min 255max Hope this helps
  22. I have a question, I'm making a map in western PA and I pulled the srtm map and loaded it into Micro dem I did the following 1. Opened the SRTM in MicroDEM and zoomed into the area I wanted 2. Used the subset and zoom on the area I wanted 3. Changed the display parameters to elevation and selected gray scale 4 . the z range is 516max and 172 min but here is were I run into the problem - the area I want defiantly has a range under 255 but it will not let me adjust it without whiting out most of the map . - I subset and zoomed another section of the SRTM file in mid ohio and it is the same z scale - is there any way to only get the z scale for what was subset and zoomed on or is the z scale always locked for the whole srtm file? Thank you,
  23. Correct to limit spamming an acct is needed to download files.
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    Varitron 960 In game 470 with some added bells and whistles. Added a wide header option, capacities, motor selection, and several color options Work speed: 12mph/19kph Hp: 435 or 1000 Work width: 3m or 9.6m Capacity: 20k, 50K, or 500K Base, design, and rim color selections.
    The mods themselves are well detailed. A little disappointing about the flatbed not having autoload but I see PappaSmurf had already asked that question. Getting ready to test the autoload logging truck on my PV Map. I just tried it and it works wonderfully. Thanks for allowing me to test your mod on this map. I will test more . On the video at the unloading part it is hesitating because I keep stopping it so my logs roll down the pile correctly. Mod works great. Farming_Simulator_19_2020-03-22_17-56-16.mp4
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    Capello corn header edited Price: $10,000 Color selction Brand selectable decals Capello, New Holland, John Deere, Case International Work Speed: 22mph
  26. You guys need to make an account to download this file. :D
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