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    Log Truck

    I downloaded this mod Mod was best

    © Ni8_rider

  5. If you are talking about autoload for bales and pallets, i made the choice not to add it to the flatbed as i had a ton of issues with it not working properly.
  6. There is already a flatbed truck in the pack.
  7. love the mod and the new updates great work as always if possible could you add a flatbed to the pack then it be cover all end and needs of doing factory work please and thank you
  8. I have played around with the editor & will be doing a video. Video here
  9. I haven’t messed with any editors yet. I’ll try to give it a look.
  10. has anyone here used this course play editor if so can they help me with it. as when i say open courseManager.xml it says no data found. but i have routes in courseplay so Im a bit lost I would be very grateful for help on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz7IJIzb3a8
  11. The machine will spread solid (lime,fertilizer) when the sprayer booms are in the default (folded) position. When you unfold the booms it sprays liquid (herbicide, liquid fertilizer).
    storage scale is way to small my player is bigger than this storage
  12. Version 18.11.2019.23.35


    This is the Placeable Refill tank mod on the in-game Mod-hub : - Placeable Seed tank - Placeable Fertilizer tank - Placeable Liquid fertilizer tank - Placeable Herbicide tank Added these Placeable's into the mod : - Placeable Lime station - Placeable Water tank - All fillTriggers are bigger so u can refill easier now. - Lowered the cost to buy Seed, Fertilizer, Liquid fertilizer, Herbicide and Lime. - Water is of course free.
  13. Ok figured both the issues out, people using the GC icon mod was causing the hud name issue. The particle effects is caused when the building is rotated. Unfortunately I'm not having much luck figuring that one out yet, I never rotate buildings when testing.
  14. Can you do me a huge favor and pm me or shoot me a message in my discord channel. I have one other issue I'm not able to reproduce on my pc and am wondering if you are seeing it as well, trying to figure out what is causing it. I have seen on stream, the coffee roaster and flour/sugar mill particle effects are off to the side. On my machine it is normal? So along with the hud warning I'm just trying to see if I can see if there is something else going on. I was thinking it was a server thing but that's not it, so wondering if another mod is causing it? Don't really care what is causing it just want to fix it.
  15. Version


    In this video I explain how an animation clip works, how to make it without purchasing a program, and how to add it to a Globalcompany mod. Hit download to get the files I talk about in the video. Link To Files Link To Video
  16. First of all, there is no need to apologize to me 🙂 I am using the latest version the version of the official Giants modhub. I have the Giant's store version. Keep up the good work, we are looking for more factories from you. Congratulations for this specific mod, because of my cousin; he was studying in USA and he was working in a doughnuts factory. When he return back home he established a big doughnuts factory and he became a millionaire . If I knew that doughnuts are so profitable ......... 🙂 EDIT: With the new version you uploaded, everything works OK now, no log warnings and no log errors. !!! Good job !
  17. Sorry my purpose of the truck was to avoid pallets. I apologize just a deal breaker for me. I’m just not a fan of them. Many reasons. And ty for the help, I’m uploading the fill hud fix along with some other small things I found. What version of global company are you running. I didn’t ever get the hud warning? Are you running steam or straight up giants version of the game? Trust me I check logs too. Sometimes they skip by but I’ve never seen the hud one?
  18. Can I suggest something? I think it would be nice if we could receive the products in pallets.
  19. No, I am not using a server, I am on PC, and since I always check my log file I found the warning:)
  20. Ok ty for the heads up. I assume you’re getting this warning in a sever? I’ll have to look in to testing via a server, I don’t have one. If anyone knows of a simple way to throw it in to a test that’d be great. Simply for issues like that. Easy fix though. I’ll get it ASAP.
    As usual, Bd outdoes himself with this amazing pack. What player plays without coffee and donuts?? LOL! Thank you, Bd for this amazing pack!
    thank you very much for this nice production pack
  21. Nice mod, keep it up. There is only one thing I would like to tell you; there is a log warning error because the hud_fill files should use ONLY lowercase letters. For example hud_fill_coffeebeanraw is the correct one instead of hud_fill_coffeeBeanRaw Same goes for coffeebean , vegetableoil
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