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  5. As far as I'm aware you can only change the dem map size by adjusting the pixel density in steps of 1 ie 1024 x1024 pixel density 2 = 2k x 2k, pixel density 3 = 3k x 3k etc The gdm/grle files however have to work to the power of two so when divided by the pixel density the result is a whole number to avoid distortion i.e gdm 4096 pixel density 2 = 2048 gdm 4096 pixel density 3 = 1365.3333 gdm 4096 pixel density 4 = 1024 in your case ----gdm 8192 pixel density 2.5 =3276.8 Hence the reason map sizes are normally 2k x2k, 4k x4k, 16k x 16k with 2pixel density
  6. But it should be a power n
  7. Hi what does it mean - with 2.5 pixel and dem 4096 my gdm should be 10240x10240?
  8. Looks like you have got a problem with your Gdm files being the wrong size, what have you based your calculations on dem/gdm size as normally the following applies Normal map of 2k x 2k dem- 1024 with 2 pixel definition gdm -- 4096 x4096 tipCol 4096 x 4096 seasons mask 4096 x 4096 farmland.grle-1024x1024 an 8192 x 8192 gdm size normally equates to a 4k x 4k map with 2 pixel resoloution
  9. Hi I created a 10x map using 4097 dem with pixel at 2.5. all the gdm files are at 8192. I completed the map and started the test. I discovered an issue when I use season kind of crosses appear on my fields characterized by higher crop maturity. I enclosed captures to explain this phenomenon. Need your help I don’t know if it s a Pb of file size, script or other. thank you in advance
  10. Glad you found it 👍🏼
  11. This is what i have been looking for . Thank you
  12. i got it, some how managed to not read that part lol but i realized if you center the origin to the center of the blender project and just change the Z axis rotate to -90 it works that way aswell
  13. What do you mean by "correct location" when you open the CSV in Blender the mesh will be at the world location of your original GE spline , that is to say wherever your original spline translations X,Y.Z were in GE is where your CSV mesh will be in Blender, check Location in the transform cordinates box. From the Tutorial
  14. i just used it via 2.7, i have an issue though when i open up the CSV in blender the spline isn't importing at the correct location, any ideas anyone?
  15. Version


    This is not a map First off these files and entries are from Sandy Bay by OxygenDavid off of Farming Simulators Mod Hub. Full credits goes to him or where ever he found those files. I simply pulled info to help someone who was asking for the files needed to add alfalfa to a map. I warn, I honestly have not done any map editing yet for FS19. I took the files and lines that I could see needed and zipped them up. Please let me know if something is needed. This is not a tutorial. If you need help please feel free to ask questions and I will work with you to help as much as I can.
  16. Version


    This is an addon that needs global company to work properly. With the edited draper header included in this mod you will be able to harvest poplar and cotton with any harvester large enough to handle the draper. Not only will a harvester harvest cotton and poplar but any tipper that hauls bulk material will now be able to haul and unload cotton properly. Other harvesters and headers will deal with cotton however there is usually issues with pipe and other unloading functions along with the need to have edited tippers. This mod is designed to fix those issues. I added logos on the sides of this header as well so it is easier to know it is the cotton poplar header not to be confused with other draper headers. This header also has color selection along with brand decal selections like my other draper edit.
  17. Version


    This was edited by request of a user to use on Pleasant Valley 19 This is my edited potato harvester with the selectable wide header. It has been edited to harvest sugar beet, onion, and carrot. I am short on time so I warn in advance I have not had time to fully test this mod. I do not usually do this so I ask for any feedback. Onion and carrot will show up in the potato tech.
  18. Not as far as I know, the following link is as much info as I have found regarding an update for this particular script https://blenderartists.org/t/a-script-to-import-a-csv-file-and-create-meshes-for-blender-2-5x-or-later/501410/83
  19. Vid

    Ikonic Fieldliner

    Sorry, I thought I had replied to you. I wish I knew how to get the link, unfortunately I cant remember where I got the mod from, I know it is part of the Iconik Trailer Pack, but not sure where it came from. Thankyou for looking at it though
    there is no other tool in the game that is as reliable, trustworthy and useful as this mod. if you are cutting down trees for harvest, this is invaluable. and frankly, if you have trees in the map that you just can't seem to get to cut... this is the go to tool to attempt to get them. couple in the lumberjack mod for your chainsaw and you have an awesome ability to clear land and make profits! highly suggested for one-man farming... note: i do suggest you detach the unit and close the chute when not in use. otherwise, it will sit on your map auto scanning for an unloading source.
  20. god this headers is awesome! 🙂 one thing i really love is it's ability to harvest on uneven ground. you can really cook along using it and gather a massive amount of material!
    Thanks for that beautifull mods but the autoload fonction don't work with de flatbed truck 😪 !! Can you take a look at that problem . Sorry for my bad english but i'm french !
  21. bdbssb

    Ikonic Fieldliner

    It would be better if I could get a link to the full mod so I can test it though.
  22. bdbssb

    Ikonic Fieldliner

    Ok I’ll try to take a look. The turning radius can be changed as well I believe.
  23. Vid

    Ikonic Fieldliner

    Hi bdbssb thanks for getting back to me. The turning issue seems to be that the tractor pulling it, the wheel s tend to catch on the trailer and so makes it hard to turn. I copied the xml file, not sure if it will let me post it here or not, but I will try and will put it at the end of the message. Apologies for taking time to reply, I didnt have the notifications turned on. Thanks again. tipper7.xml
  24. bdbssb

    Ikonic Fieldliner

    If it has a capacity then density/mass can be disabled too. I would have to look at the xml. Do you have a link?
  25. bdbssb

    Ikonic Fieldliner

    And welcome to the site. Thank you for posting. We need to use the forum more.
  26. bdbssb

    Ikonic Fieldliner

    When you say turn better. You mean it’s just pulling hard? The down force can be lowered. That would be easier than adding a 3-point.
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