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  1. FS17_Joransfarm

    Why the name Joran’s Farm?
    Joran was a 14 year old kid who was a huge fan of my first map.
    He dreamed of having his own map and to learn modding himself.
    He was a very friendly and a smart kid who was fighting cancer.
    I started to work with him and we had daily contact.
    I started to create a map for him with his name.
    Some of the items on this map he created or reskinned  himself.
    Most things and play-style on this map were his idea.
    Sadly he lost his fight against cancer 28 May 2018.
    I made the landing point on the map into a memorial for Joran.
    Please take a look and hold a minute of silence for
    This map requires mods that are not included with the map.  You can find the mods that are required for the map to function properly here.  
     Required Mods


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