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Snow mesh


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Anyone any tips on how to make the snowmesh on a roof actually work? I have watched and followed Red Phoenix's video countless times, done what appears to be what he's showing (not helped that he's using different blender set up and addons and whizzes through it), and no matter what I do, the snow mesh just doesn't appear in game. If I use EDC to add snow, other buildings on the map clearly get their snowy roofs, just not mine. What could I be doing wrong? Is there something needed in the xml to get this to work? 

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  • Wrinkley

This is the way I do it in Blender 3.2 using the plugins by  Red Phoenix


Create snow roofs

First create the large snow mesh

Add first shape key (called the Basis)
select Bake Delta to vertex colour -- creates the 2nd shape key (Delta Shapekey) Relative +vertexColours -Delta vector colors
scale mesh down to minium size with Delta shapekey selected
toggle to object (only edit mode shows reduced mesh)
load material Preview matt into shading
make sure Delta vector colour set (vertex colour)
back into layout select Bake Delta to Vertex colours again -(-paints the vertex colours to the mesh)
to test into viewport shading and adjust Volume
Add texture to mesh as normal

Note the smaller snow mask must not be lower than the bottom of the larger mask

Visibilty Condition must be set on the snow mesh--Weather Required Mask (Hex) 400

Not forgetting to assign the snowHeapShader.xml


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  • Wrinkley

I've had something like that before and all that was the visibilty tag deselected, tag must be selected for the transform group and the mesh/icicles

Normal setup

Winter TG -- Visibilty Condition --Use Parent visibilty tag checked

                                  snowRoof --Visibility Condition --Weather Required Mask (Hex) 400 --visibilty tag checked

                                  icicles (if used) --Visibility Condition --Weather Required Mask (Hex) 400 --visibilty tag checked

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  • Wrinkley

Not as far as I'm aware if you look at the base game placeables (mapUs-farmbuildings-farmBarn02.xml) the snow mesh is not even listed in the i3dMappings, have you tried setting the snow mesh above your building in case the smaller mesh is not showing above the roof when testing in game (not sufficient snowfall).

I test my buildings  in a copy of the Alpine map set up for a december start  (not using the add snow command)  using the EDC speed controls to get to the best snowfall

Also does it work correctly when tested in Blender in the viewport shading

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Yep. I think I've resolved the snowmesh issue (ie, it shows up in game now - not sure exactly what I did to resolve it but I think maybe I hadn't UV unwrapped it), but Giants have just rejected the mod yet again. Getting pretty pissed off with it now, none of the things they're whinging about as far as I can see are actually part of their published rules, nor do they actually bother giving any documentation or explanation how to resolve these things - snow dust and building shader for example. I can see why so many people don't bother going through the modhub.

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