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  1. Just tried both, https://www.usna.edu/Users/oceano/pguth/website/microdem/microdem.htm and https://www.usna.edu/Users/oceano/pguth/md_help/html/download_md.htm downloaded setup.exe with no problem If you need to use another programme I suggest QGIS (free at https://www.qgis.org/en/site/ ) but be warned it is a fully fledged Geospatial programm so will require a bit of familarisation.
  2. From the description of your Dem problem it sounds like a 2k dem that has been resized/enlarged to fit a 4k map thereby stretching all the contours. Also check the unitsPerPixel in your 4k template they should be 2 for correct rendition
  3. Given your previous "problems" and as you haven't bothered to give any translation settings for that road I would suggest A. Incorrect terran height adjustment B. Incorrect road translation/rotation adjustment (in GE or Blender) C. Both of the above. Edit : In your image it would appear you have an aerial roadway in the distance which appears to slope in the same direction as your road over the 'flat terrain'.
  4. Create a suitable junction in Blender
  5. How conversant are you with GE and creating mod from game, as one way of increasing the pickup width is to increase the size of the work area in GE this will increase the pick up area but leave the implement the same size. Another way although not recommended is to modify the workAreaStart/ WorkAreaHeight(actually length) positions in GE of an ingame vehicle i3d such as the scorpio550 in GE (will be reset on any game update) Otherwise a google search might turn up one already modified to a wider pickup area
  6. How wide do you want to go, the ingame ELHO has a working width of 5.5m ( approx 18ft)
  7. Did you first set the terrain height for your roads and then use that spline to create the road system in Blender ? As you are now trying to use a spline to adjust your terrain after creating the roads then it appears you didn't, I suggest you align your spline to the roadway correctly and then use the script or use the terrain sculpt tool to correct your mistakes From the tutorial "In the next image I have used the TerrainHeight by spline script to level the terrain ready for the road," Another point, you have set the spline to -0.1 in the scenegraph but what settings have you put for mHeightOffset in the script (if using the modified Set Terrain Height script not the editor default one)
  8. Attached is the updated Paint Terrain by Spline script adjusted to allow the inclusion of the Terrain Layers script which prints the texture number and name in the GE Console Log in numerical order for easy reference when using the script. To use, NOTE: To function correctly the the spline must be named just "spline" with no other letters or numerals attached. First select the terrain transform group and execute the script, this will print the texture number and name in the GE Console Log in numerical order when done the prompt "SELECT SPLINE" will appear, it is only required to do this step once subsequent spline(s) painting in an editing session will carry on as normal. Choose whether you require multiple texture or just single texture Enter relevant texture number into the script at the designated locations (see script for details) Select the spline and execute the script when done a log entry will appear confirming painting done and detailing the number of the texture used in Left, Centre, Right area's. Further spline painting can be carried out by just selecting the new spline and editing the settings if required. Finally I will be updating this script further to make it more user friendly in the coming weeks (time permitting) paintTerrainbySpline5.lua
  9. Thanks to Stegei over on the Giants forum for this little script to print out the Layer Texture list. Place the attached script in the following file C:/Users/YourComputerName/AppData/Local/GIANTS Editor 64bit 9.0.2/scripts folder Select the terrain transform and run this script before using the Paint Terrain by Spline Script It will be incorparated into the Paint Terrain by Spline at a later date. terrainLayers.lua
  10. Create your own in Blender, I gave you some links in a previous post and you said "thank you for the refresher" so I presume you will have no problems creating and texturing a roadway to your own specifications.
  11. There is a problem with the PaintTerrain by Spline scripts working correctly in the new FS22 games It stems from the fact Giants have inserted the new <OverlayLayer type="groundDetail" section between the <Layer name="texture" and <CombinedLayer name="texture" so the texture numbers do not run in numerical order The way round this is to copy the whole <Layer>/<OverlayLayer>/<CombinedLayer section in the map i3d and paste it into a new notepad++ file, then delete the <OverlayLayer> section the numbers will then run correctly and can be used in the scripts. The editor script starts at the number 0 so a texture at no 5 in the list will be no 4 in the script (minus 1 on all texture list numbers).
  12. Where something like that would work very well is in the multiplayer mode where one player is in charge of the ditribution centre and sells the produce on behalf of the farmer(s) getting the best price and paying the farmer after deductions (storage,transport and the distributers profit). Also as this would only be a paper excersise (extra production models would create to many slots for console players) you could have multiple, say grain mills all competing on price for the farmers goods and the player in charge of distribution sells to the highest bidder. At the moment the farmer only has the direct sell option i.e transport his own goods to the production facility (cutting out the middleman "distibution"). C'mon bdbssb I'm sure you have some thoughts on this idea
  13. I take it you mean something along the lines of a distribution warehouse where you deliver all you crops/items to, then they are automatically distributed to whoever needs them and then pays out to the farmer (minus storage and transport costs). Then there would be no need for any production facilities as there would be no direct interaction between the farmer and factories (which is why Giants introduced production) and everything would be done on paper so to speak, however if this was available as an option to the farmer so he could make the decision where to sell depending on the return he would get it could be a way of adding a bit more variety to the game.
  14. There is your answer your road has too many polygons, try splitting the road into smaller sections or reduce the number of polygons (both operations done in Blender), for reference see the way the base game roads are implemented, for example the total poly count for the roadsCity in Elmcreek is 69,149 but each transform section is no larger than 6000 and looking at your previous screenshot just one of your roads has close on 63,000.
  15. The collision box is selected automatically when you select rigid body, no other box needs to be selected. As a test create a primitive plane and selecting the rigid body tab extend it across the two roads (as another bridge) and drive a base gamer vehicle over that and see what happens. Futhermore remove all mods from your mods folder so you only have the map in that folder
  16. And this occurs on all roads with any vehicle base game or otherwise, However I did notice that the road you show in your picture of the rigid body tab appears to be a different road to the one the vehicle is on in your first image, where it appears to have just come under the bridge shown in the highlighted second image.
  17. From your statement it would appear you are modifying an unzipped folder in GE and then rezipping it to check it in game, so it is quite possible that you haven't saved /rezipped the corrected version. I suggest you follow the method described previously and repeated below, that way you will always have the edited version being read by the game, another point when editing maps do not use a savegame always start a new game for obvious reasons. What was the result when using base game vehicles in your map????
  18. I notice you are using a mod, do any of the base game vehicles do the same if not then you mod is the problem otherwise the only other thing maybe is that you haven't saved the GE map correctly. When editing a map on the fly so to speak, always ensure that you only have a unzipped map folder in your mods folder and work from that, also ensure that you do not have a zipped copy in your mods folder as the game will always take the zip details not the folder
  19. You can only edit the road in Blender, so to make things easier, first create two primitive cubes in GE and place one at the start and one at the end of your proposed edit as markers Ensure that both cubes are in the road section transform that you want to edit and export the transform group as an .obj, open in Blender and edit the road section as you require adding bridges etc as necessary. Once done delete the cubes and export you new edited road section as an i3d and reimport it into your map, if any further editing required just repeat the method, minus the cubes of course. Alternately you could edit the the relevant spline and redo the road in blender as before.
  20. I take you mean that its joined in width rather than length. in which case as I said before ensure your road section is aligned along the X axis, if it is then simply change the road section shape so that the length is aligned along the X axis and the width along the Y axis. Also bear in mind that a road section will have a greater width than length ( to allow for bends).
  21. "How do I fix the road section? Its attaching from side to side inside of straight on?" You will have to be a bit more specific on that query , an image might help, but anyway make sure your road section is aligned along the X axis (see the tutorial) Regarding the road section , you have to create and texture the section yourself the one in the tutorial is 5m x 7m (L x W) but you can create one as large as you like but bear in mind it will need to be short enough to align to any bends/corners. If you do as the tutorial says and Do Not change the position once imported into Blender then the road section will still be at the same coordinates as it was in GE, however if you have changed the position you will have to input the original spline coordinates after importing into GE
  22. It would appear from both your posts and the numerous pm's you have sent me regarding this tutorial that you only have a rudimentary knowledge of GE and Blender, so before you go any further I suggest you next learn how to use Blender, there are several good you tube video's from dealing with the basics right up to professional standard below are acouple of links to get you started https://www.youtube.com/c/GrantAbbitt/videos https://www.youtube.com/user/AndrewPPrice --aka Blender guru
  23. And what are your camera settings in Blender ?? Also what mode are you in, User Perspective or User Ortho You can of course go straight to the position of any object by selecting that object (in object mode of course) and using the decimal point (full Stop key) on the numpad
  24. To the right of that red box (which is an inset showing the CSV Mesh importer Before selecting Add) shown in your picture is a section labled CSV Mesh Importer this is where you import your csv text file From the " Export a Spline into Blender as a CSV to create Roads/Railways" tutorial Import CSV file Select “Point list containing X.Y,Z columns in File Type menu Select the folder icon at the end of the .csv File Path: selection box and browse to where you saved the CSV.txt file and click Accept (top left) Ensure that comma[,] is selected in the Delimiter section Click the Add Button and in the configuration box below Select Create vertices only and in the pop up box select “Create vertices and edges (single line)” The X,Y,Z column details can be left as is (the script has already allowed for the axis labelling). In Object Name put csvSplineRoad. Select import The csvRoadSpline mesh will appear in the Scene panel at the top as a mesh, select this and zoom out till you can see it (it will be at the same world location as it was in your map, hence the high camera clip distance ‘End 10km’ in the view menu). Do not change the location of this mesh as it will cause problems when aligning the finished road in GE.
  25. This question has been asked several times before and the answer is the same, No, I haven't made any video tutorials and do not intend to make any, the instructions in the tutorials are quite staightforward, the key is to take your time and read the instructions carefully and thoroughly and not miss out any of the steps in attempt to speed up the process (as someone did when making a video of the dem tutorial and it all went wrong). With the Splines tutorials it is best if you experiment on a spare blank map to get used to the various settings as some operations once done cannot be easily reversed.