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  1. Thanks. It turned out that the height scale on the template map was set very different to the value that my 19 map was set. Once done, that sorted it out.
  2. I've finally started looking at converting my not quite finished 19 map into 22. I've found a decent 4km template which had all the different ground textures, and I've brought across my weight files and they all show OK. My DEM however feels like it's been "flattened", as in, I've brought through an initial export of objects from the 19 map, and they are floating way above the ground. It's like the vertical units have been set wrong somewhere? The DEM has definitely been brought in, as I can see some features I recognise, they're just not as pronounced as they used to be. Anyone able to help?
  3. With regard to the LIDAR, don't you find that the clutter from the buildings and trees makes life harder?
  4. Thanks, I'm not familiar at all with Blender so I'd rather not go down that rabbit hole unless absolutely necessary. I've managed to resolve the issues I was having with SSC by manually changing the gizmo provided rotations, with hand typed ones. Laborious, annoying, but it seems to have worked. Now I need to figure out how to do proper junction markings but I feel like I'm making some significant progress quickly. The end product is never going to be as good as people who know what they're doing but we have to start somewhere. I'm planning on looking at your spline placement scripts next to populate the road edges with trees and hedges.
  5. Thanks. The issue was twofold, I'd inadvertently been creating the weight files as 2049x2049 because I was using the sat map png as the base, and the second was the 8 bit single channel one due to paint.net not saving in the correct format. I've sorted both those in Gimp and it's working fine, I'm pissed with myself because I should have spent a whole lot less time faffing on that and read the bloody GE console as the error was clearly stated in there. Lesson learned. I'm now looking at the roads, and have had some initial success using street spline constructor on a relatively straight road but am now running into problems with some of the more twisty and convoluted roads, it either doesn't create the file complaining about angles too great, OR, it creates the road and there is a ruddy great 180 degree corkscrew part of the way down. I can't quite get my head around why GE changes the X and Z rotations of an object when I rotate purely around the Y axis, it flips from 0 to 180 or -180 and that's what's causing the issues, but I'm damned if I can figure out how.
  6. Sadly I found this thread after I'd already sorted my DEM using someone else's tutorial and so I haven't got the stuff for borders and will probably have to wing it. I am however trying to use your technique of bringing the field edges and roads into the GE with the weights files. I've traced the fields in paint.net in white and saved it as the sand weight png with the rest of the file black obviously, but nothing shows in GE. I can see on the asphalt weight files the roads I had painted within the GE myself and nothing looks different particularly between the two files (obviously the shapes are different!). Is there a line thickness issue maybe? Or I've used the wrong white and should have used a grey?