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    there is no other tool in the game that is as reliable, trustworthy and useful as this mod. if you are cutting down trees for harvest, this is invaluable. and frankly, if you have trees in the map that you just can't seem to get to cut... this is the go to tool to attempt to get them. couple in the lumberjack mod for your chainsaw and you have an awesome ability to clear land and make profits! highly suggested for one-man farming... note: i do suggest you detach the unit and close the chute when not in use. otherwise, it will sit on your map auto scanning for an unloading source.
  1. god this headers is awesome! 🙂 one thing i really love is it's ability to harvest on uneven ground. you can really cook along using it and gather a massive amount of material!
  2. just a quick note that this planter is fantastic. pulls great and the AI is really working well with it. other than that issue with the 'Y' select seeds conflict when running the creative fields with cultivators mod, the only other issue i have seen is the planter, when lifted at the end of a row, will create a "blank" unplanted area. i would imagine this has something to do with the cultivator region being a little large?
  3. i would agree with the conflict mod issue. my guess is that the "creative fields with cultivators" mod is creating the issue.