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Did you first set the terrain height for your roads and then use that spline to create the road system in Blender ?

As you are now trying to use a spline to adjust your terrain after creating the roads then it appears you didn't, I suggest you align your spline to the roadway correctly and then use the script or use the terrain sculpt tool to correct your mistakes

From the tutorial

"In the next image I have used the TerrainHeight by spline script to level the terrain ready for the road,"

Another point, you have set the spline to -0.1 in the scenegraph but what settings have you put for mHeightOffset  in the script (if using the modified Set Terrain Height script not the editor default one)

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Given your previous "problems"  and as you haven't bothered to give any translation settings for that road I would suggest

A. Incorrect terran height adjustment

B. Incorrect road translation/rotation adjustment (in GE or Blender)

C. Both of the above.

Edit : In your image it would appear you have an aerial roadway in the distance which appears to slope in the same direction as your road over the 'flat terrain'.

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