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  1. What would cause some roads to be tilted to the side. The terrain is flat but yet the road is under the terrain on the left side and sticking above the terrain on the right side.
  2. Whats the best way to deal with interesections on a slop like this?
  3. So I'm using the spline height script you have and I've lowered the spline just a bit so it doesn't cover my roads and I end up with this...
  4. do you have a road mesh that you'd recommend? on the one I want to use the lines are too close together on a 5m section.
  5. Only mod right now is the map. I just campared it to the ingame map and set everything the same. Still going through. Any other suggestions?
  6. It’s happeneing to the three roads I have been placed. All three have the rigid box checked and collision checked as well
  7. Base game vehicle goes through the road as well. I’ve got a separate folder where I’m doing all my work at and then zip it up to put it in the game. I start a new game each time
  8. What do you mean saved it wrong? It is zipped up but only map in the folder and the i3d is located in the folder
  9. Any idea on what would cause my tires to go through the road?
  10. As you can see I've got a road spline in GE where it needs to be... Is there a way to edit the height here? This would be an interstate going over a highway.
  11. its kinda hard to notice in the pic but the roads run the spline correctly except of being joined of the front and back of the road, its running sideways. if you understand what I'm saying
  12. Thanks for the refresher. I've sorta figured out how to get the sline in. How do I fix the road section? Its attaching from side to side inside of straight on? Also I don't have any textures? Last thing once I save it as a i3d I need to put the original coordinates back in it correct? Thank you!
  13. Even when I hit the . on the number pad it still stops zooming eventually
  14. I'm not sure what my camera setting is