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  1. First of all, there is no need to apologize to me 🙂 I am using the latest version the version of the official Giants modhub. I have the Giant's store version. Keep up the good work, we are looking for more factories from you. Congratulations for this specific mod, because of my cousin; he was studying in USA and he was working in a doughnuts factory. When he return back home he established a big doughnuts factory and he became a millionaire . If I knew that doughnuts are so profitable ......... 🙂 EDIT: With the new version you uploaded, everything works OK now, no log warnings and no log errors. !!! Good job !
  2. Can I suggest something? I think it would be nice if we could receive the products in pallets.
  3. No, I am not using a server, I am on PC, and since I always check my log file I found the warning:)
  4. Nice mod, keep it up. There is only one thing I would like to tell you; there is a log warning error because the hud_fill files should use ONLY lowercase letters. For example hud_fill_coffeebeanraw is the correct one instead of hud_fill_coffeeBeanRaw Same goes for coffeebean , vegetableoil
  5. I converted the loading wagon into a John Deere :) I am also thinking to make another one with High capacity for the big maps.
  6. Thank you for this nice equipment. I have a question. Is it possible the windrower to be attachable? for example to use it with the FENDT loading wagon? If not, then I would like to ask your permission to edit this loading wagon for my personal use of course ; change its color to John Deere, FENDT, edit the decals etc. I know , for personal use I don't need any permission but I thought to ask you first because I always respect copyrights 🙂
  7. Can I make a suggestion? It would be nice if we could cut down palm trees with this 🙂
  8. NcRaider, can you also make a Triple Wide for Ropa ?
  9. It would be nice if we could bale loose cotton
  10. Good mod mate, but I am wondering why you included the cotton header. If I use T-40 for cotton, then I am wondering how to bale it 🙂 Do you have any suggestion?
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