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{Support}Fs17 Stonebed Rails and arches


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Fs17 Stonebed Rails and arches

Thanks to Mavericks idea this came to life.

 He was tired of painting on the terrain. It was time consuming and sometimes curves were hard to make look correct.

 I took the rail road track set from Goldcrest and added a stone bed plane the the parts.

If you want change the stone just simply edit the gravel file in the texture folder

Added another set that has a column added to the ramp so you don’t have to raise terrain.

Added a full set with better texture that maverick helped me with, also added a ramp set with arches in it for passages/overpass

Added a 3rd set.  Tall long straight stone bridge with arches at different locations.  They are named 50M starting at the very end down to 0M which is the middle.

Added a 45° track with a stone bed to the stone bed set


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