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Snow Mask/Indoor Mask


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This is just a follow on from a previous post regarding the  Scripts -Generate Mask script that automatically creates an indoor snow mask (infoLayer_indoorMask.grle) by mapping the collision footprint of objects in the map roads, buildings etc (placeables should have their own mask already created in the i3d).

The Generate Mask script originally worked by using the water plane height (inputted manually into the script)as a base for calculations as this was normally the lowest point on the map, however this is sometimes no longer the case.


The problem highlighted by Dickieboy in his post (https://farmerboysmodding.com/index.php?/topic/2446-indoor-mask/)

was that the script had a preset height of 47.5m which when executed without any change caused unwanted blocks to appear in the finished grle image.

I have now edited the original script and renamed it (to avoid confusion with the original) so that it now allows the mask height to be set.


The updated script is available at the end of this post, to install download the Create Snow Mask.zip and unzip, copy/paste the Create Snow Mask folder into

C:\Users\Your Computer Name\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 64bit 9.0.4\scripts


To use

In Giants Editor Select Scripts – Snow Mask – Create Snow Mask the following pop up panel will appear



Height Setting

The height needs to set at the terrains lowest point, if you are unsure of the lowest point then a simple method to find this out is to Create -_Primitives – Plane and adjust the X and Z scales so the plane fits the size of your map (2048 for a normal size map) and just lower the plane until it is no longer visible in the map.

Once happy with your height settings enter the figure into the Set Mask Height panel and select

Generate Snow Mask the button will turn blue to show the script is working.


WARNING – The script can take a couple of minutes to work (depending on how many collisions are in the map) during this time DO NOT try and do anything else in Giants Editor as it will freeze/crash.

When the script has finished the Generate Snow Mask button will turn white and the following information will be printed in the console log,  in this case,

Saving mask map to C:/Users/Your Computer Name/Documents/My FS 22 Mods/Mod_Map_Alpine/maps/mapAlpine/map.i3d.indoorMask.grle


Snow Height Set to: 5.0


You can of course leave the height setting at 0 (zero) but, although this will work it will take a bit longer for the script to finish.



The new map.i3d.indoorMask.grle will probably need to be edited as items like rocks/boulders meshes will be clear of snow.

This can be done in an image editor or in Giants Editor, I prefer doing any editing in Giants Editor as I then have a reference for adjusting the edit (such as lanes and by roads which if created with a mesh will not have any snow cover) and will not have to reconvert from png to grle.

To edit in GE first you will need to rename/delete the original infoLayer_indoorMask.grle in the data folder and rename the map.i3d.indoorMask.grle to infoLayer_indoorMask.grle and copy/paste into the data folder .



Open your map in GE and Select the Terrain info layer paint mode NgHEaax.png

then in the Terrain Editing panel –Info Layer Painting –info layer dropdown select indoorMask the State Panel will change to Outdoor and the map area will turn white (snow) with pink areas (no snow).


Select Info Channel 0 map will then change to white (no snow) and partially transparent black (snow)

Right click paints a no snow area

Left click deletes a no snow area

When finished editing save the map the new snow mask will be saved in the infoLayer_indoorMask.grle

Below are some examples of the new snow masks compared with existing in game versions



ALPINE Map -  height set at 5 -- original in game image on the right




USA Map - height set at 65 -- original ingame image on the right





Another thing to note is if you have both a infoLayer_indoorMask.grle and infoLayer_indoorMask.png in your data folder at the same time Giants Editor may crash on loading.




Create Snow Mask.zip

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