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Crops issues with season mods


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I created a 10x map using 4097 dem with pixel at 2.5. 
all the gdm files are at 8192. 
I completed the map and started the test. I discovered an issue when I use season 

kind of crosses appear on my fields characterized by higher crop maturity. I enclosed captures to explain this phenomenon. Need your help I don’t know if it s a Pb of file size, script or other. 
thank you in advance 




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Looks like you have got a problem with your Gdm files being the wrong size, what have you based your calculations on dem/gdm size as normally the following applies

Normal map of 2k x 2k  dem- 1024 with 2 pixel definition

 gdm -- 4096 x4096

tipCol 4096 x 4096

seasons mask 4096 x 4096


an 8192 x 8192 gdm size normally equates to a 4k x 4k map with 2 pixel resoloution

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As far as I'm aware you can only change the dem map size by adjusting the pixel density in steps of 1

ie 1024 x1024 pixel density 2 = 2k x 2k, pixel density 3 = 3k x 3k  etc

The gdm/grle files however have to work to the power of two so when divided by the pixel density the result is a whole number to avoid distortion

i.e gdm 4096 pixel density 2 = 2048

gdm 4096 pixel density 3 = 1365.3333

gdm 4096 pixel density 4 = 1024

in your case ----gdm 8192 pixel density 2.5 =3276.8

Hence the reason map sizes are normally 2k x2k, 4k x4k, 16k x 16k with 2pixel density

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