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Unloading Combine

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21 hours ago, Pfaelzerbauer said:


Can someone please tell me,where i can change the unloading capacity on a combine ?

 can not find the entry,seems different as it was in FS 17

Are you talking about unloading speed?  I would need to test however I think this is what you would want to play with.  

This is from the NH cr1090.  I looked at the Ideal9 and it only has the emptySpeed, so id look in whatever harvester you are messing with and see what lines they are using.

        <dischargeNode node="dischargeNode" emptySpeed="425" fillUnitIndex="1" maxDistance="8">
            <info width="0.4" length="0.4" useRaycastHitPosition="true"/>

                <effectNode effectClass="PipeEffect" effectNode="effectPipeGrain" materialType="pipe" materialTypeId="1" maxBending="0.8" positionUpdateNodes="effectPipeSmoke" delay="0" extraDistance="0.15"/>
                <effectNode effectNode="effectPipeSmoke" materialType="smoke" materialTypeId="1" alignToWorldY="true" delay="0.1"/>

    <pipe unloadInfoIndex="1"  foldMinState="1" foldMaxState="1" foldMinLimit="0" foldMaxLimit="0.1" litersPerSecond="610" >
        <dischargeNode index="1" />
        <states num="2" unloading="2" />
        <animation name="foldPipe" speedScale="1" />
            <unloadingTrigger node="trailerTrigger" />


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1 hour ago, Pfaelzerbauer said:

Thank you BD,that´s what i´m looking for 🙂 


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