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  1. I believe that was a bug on giants behalf, because the in game estrela did in fact have the cultivate work area, which has now been removed. Easy enough to add to any seeder though by simply defining a work area for cultivation. For example my favorite in game seeder is the condor 1500 it just plants well on almost all terrains and rarely misses any spots. I've adapted my xml as follows: <workAreas> <workArea type="sowingMachine" functionName="processSowingMachineArea" chargeValue="1" needsSetIsTurnedOn="false"> <area startNode="workAreaStart" widthNode="workAreaWidth" heightNode="workAreaHeight"/> <groundReferenceNode index="1"/> </workArea> <!-- Start --> <workArea type="cultivator" functionName="processCultivatorArea" needsSetIsTurnedOn="false" > <area startNode="workAreaStart" widthNode="workAreaWidth" heightNode="workAreaHeight"/> <groundReferenceNode index="1"/> </workArea> <!-- End --> </workAreas> I used the same nodes as the sowingMachine work area and it now is a Cultivating/Seeder. Unrealistic but more effective for me since I hate waiting for the growth stages 🙂 Note: I also added: <!-- Added Cultivator tag --> <cultivator> <onlyActiveWhenLowered value="false"/> <sounds> <work template="DEFAULT_CULTIVATOR_WORK" linkNode="condor15001_main_component1"/> </sounds> </cultivator> <!-- End of Add --> Just below randomlyMovingParts group, never bothered testing if that in fact was needed or not perhaps I should do that lol... Sorry for the long post, I suppose I could of just submitted the modded seeder but this way people learn and can make their own personal edits happy modding...