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{Support}BD Nova Cat Pack


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  • 1 month later...

Hi well done on your mods!  Thank you. 

With this mower pack.  Or a separate one. Would you be able to increase working width to 12 metes please?  To get around trees and those big power lines without having to do a 1000 point turn?  Thanks for all the work and effort you guys and girls put in. It’s appreciated! 👍

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  • 1 month later...

Yes please. 

I have attempted to do it, but i'm not a modder and i have no clue where to start.  its obviously more involved then editing the xml file. i have looked around for information on how to adjust, but came up empty.

or if you know of a tutorial or would like to inform me on how to do it? that would also be appreciated.   

once again thank you for your time and effort you and the team here put into making mods of a high standard. 

Hope you all have a good Xmas period if you celebrate the season. 

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