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Hey, wondering if u can give some guidance on configurations , I know how to do the 1 simple one from giants but I want to use the add configuration script, I got a mod that already had it working ect and in the coding all I changed was the keyword so instead of bar it said plate , to name it but it completely broke the mod lol, was wondering why it’s not working? Cheers!

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I have not used the configuration script itself I have only added config options used in default equipment. I will point someone here that is familiar with it. 
Sorry for the delay. I keep urging individuals to use this forum however we are all stuck in our comfort zone of using discord. 

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Even though I’m not familiar I may be able to look at the lines you edited and see if I see an issue. Either copy the lines here or share the mod in a private message and I can always take a look. That and looking at your log would be a start as well. 

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did you change the word in the vehicle xml or in moddesc/<l10n> ? 

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Wumpscut here btw bdbssb 😉

the quick and dirty change that would not messup anything would be in the <l10n> for the config  name itself , lets see if i can explain with a example

so i have a edit of the cherry smartbox and have the addconfig script in that one.

parts in moddesc:

        <specialization name="addConfig" className="AddConfig" filename="specializations/AddConfig.lua"/>
        <type name="cherryBox" parent="implement" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
            <specialization name="addConfig"/>
        <newConfiguration configName="smartBoxDesign" isColorConfig="false" />
        <newConfiguration configName="smartBoxWeight" isColorConfig="false" />

i use a separate file   for the  l10n but can ofcorse be in moddesc directly



        <text name="configuration_smartBoxDesign"                     text="Smartbox Design" />
        <text name="configuration_claas"                              text="CLAAS" />
        <text name="configuration_cherry"                              text="CHERRY" />
        <text name="configuration_smartBoxWeight"                     text="Smartbox Weight" />
        <text name="configuration_smartBoxWeight1600"                 text="Weight: 1600kg" />
        <text name="configuration_smartBoxWeight1800"                 text="Weight: 1800kg" />
        <text name="configuration_smartBoxWeight2000"                 text="Weight: 2000kg" />
        <text name="configuration_smartBoxWeight2200"                 text="Weight: 2200kg" />
        <text name="configuration_smartBoxWeight2400"                 text="Weight: 2400kg" />


and last the vehicle xml part (yeah i was to lazy to make a new smaller example )


        <smartBoxDesignConfiguration name="$l10n_configuration_cherry" price="0">
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat0"    materialId="0"    color="SHARED_BLACK1"     />
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat1"    materialId="0"    color="SHARED_RD1"     />
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat2"    materialId="0"    color="SHARED_BLACK1"     />
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat3"    materialId="0"    color="SHARED_RD1"     />
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat4"    materialId="0"    color="SHARED_WHITE1"     />
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat5"    materialId="0"    color="SHARED_WHITE1"     /> 
            <objectChange node="cherryBigLogo" visibilityActive="true" />
            <objectChange node="cherrySmallLogo" visibilityActive="true" />
            <objectChange node="cherrySmartboxLogo" visibilityActive="true" />
            <objectChange node="claasBig" visibilityActive="false" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightLeftFront" visibilityActive="false" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightRightFront" visibilityActive="false" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightLeftStatic01" visibilityActive="false" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightLeftStatic02" visibilityActive="false" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightRightStatic01" visibilityActive="false" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightRightStatic01" visibilityActive="false" />
        <smartBoxDesignConfiguration name="$l10n_configuration_claas" price="1000">
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat0"    materialId="0"    color="CLAAS_DARKGREY2"     />
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat1"    materialId="0"    color="CLAAS_GREEN1"     />
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat2"    materialId="0"    color="CLAAS_GREEN1"     />
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat3"    materialId="0"    color="CLAAS_RED1"     />
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat4"    materialId="0"    color="CLAAS_RED1"     />
                <colorChange materialName="weight_mat"             shaderParameterName="colorMat5"    materialId="0"    color="CLAAS_RED1"     />
            <objectChange node="cherryBigLogo" visibilityActive="false" />
            <objectChange node="cherrySmallLogo" visibilityActive="false" />
            <objectChange node="cherrySmartboxLogo" visibilityActive="false" />
            <objectChange node="claasBig" visibilityActive="true" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightLeftFront" visibilityActive="true" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightRightFront" visibilityActive="true" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightLeftStatic01" visibilityActive="true" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightLeftStatic02" visibilityActive="true" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightRightStatic01" visibilityActive="true" />
            <objectChange node="turnLightRightStatic02" visibilityActive="true" />
        <smartBoxWeightConfiguration name="$l10n_configuration_smartBoxWeight1600" price="0">
            <objectChange node="cherry_main_component1" massActive="1600" />
            <objectChange node="cherry_main_component1" centerOfMassActive="0 0.2 0" />    
        <smartBoxWeightConfiguration name="$l10n_configuration_smartBoxWeight1800" price="1000">
            <objectChange node="cherry_main_component1" massActive="1800" />
            <objectChange node="cherry_main_component1" centerOfMassActive="0 0.2 0" />
        <smartBoxWeightConfiguration name="$l10n_configuration_smartBoxWeight2000" price="2000">
            <objectChange node="cherry_main_component1" massActive="2000" />
            <objectChange node="cherry_main_component1" centerOfMassActive="0 0.2 0" />
        <smartBoxWeightConfiguration name="$l10n_configuration_smartBoxWeight2200" price="3000">
            <objectChange node="cherry_main_component1" massActive="2200" />
            <objectChange node="cherry_main_component1" centerOfMassActive="0 0.2 0" />
        <smartBoxWeightConfiguration name="$l10n_configuration_smartBoxWeight2400" price="4000">
            <objectChange node="cherry_main_component1" massActive="2400" />
            <objectChange node="cherry_main_component1" centerOfMassActive="0 0.2 0" />


Ok now when when have all the part to make it work lets say i wanted the menu in the shop say Cherry Design instead of smartbox design i would just change this line in l10n

<text name="configuration_smartBoxDesign"                     text="Smartbox Design" />


<text name="configuration_smartBoxDesign"                     text="Cherry Design" />

and that is applicable on all parts referenced in  l10n, you can change everting to have a new name but that can be a lot of work and really not needed as long you don't lose track of what is what 😉 

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but if i changed in viehcle xml what would happen ?

well if something changed there that have connection to moddesc/l10n it would break if not also changed in there

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