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Grass not showing up

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Hello i've been making my first map, now that its almost done ive started testing it.

im having and issue where when i cut a field the grass isnt showing up cut 

it works in some areas and others it dont and all the sudden itll shoot out a huge pile.

ive never had this to happen before, any and all insight or help id be very thankful


thanks for your time

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Correct @Poorboy good find. For those of you who aren’t aware if you make a new map from a previous one it will usually have an existing tip collision mask. You need to paint a new one because the original map will have all the road areas and buildings painted so that material can’t be dumped on those areas. What will happen is when you mow grass or even for example straw windrowed will not appear in those areas but then mound up as soon as you hit a spot that doesn’t have the painted area. You have to remove all tip collision area and re paint then run the script. 

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