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Found 7 results

  1. Version


    In this video I explain how an animation clip works, how to make it without purchasing a program, and how to add it to a Globalcompany mod. Hit download to get the files I talk about in the video. Link To Files
  2. Version


    This is just a simple placeable under the decoration category. Place this mod to test your parking skills in a semi. You can do straight backing, an offset, or parallel park. If you knock the cones over you can pick them up and move them. If you want to reset them automatically simply sell the placeable and buy again, or save your game and start the game again. It is a large area so be prepared to have an open space.
  3. Ni8_Rider

    Log Truck

    I downloaded this mod Mod was best

    © Ni8_rider

  4. First off huge thanks to NLD for his material selector, i3d exporter and answering all my questions, while trying to figure this out. Also thanks to Maverick for helping me number the arrays. FS19 Building Shader Video
  5. In this video I "attempt" to explain the new UDIM material system Giants is using in FS19. I keep saying material, material, but I should be saying everything is sharing the same material, however because of uv location the “TEXTURE” changes.
  6. In this video I show how to add color and secondary color lines to the xml. I also show how to add materials if they aren't in the xml by default.
  7. This is a beginner guide in FS19 on how to pull an in game piece of equipment out of the data files and edit it.