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  1. it is me the original,im no good at explaining my self unfortunately im so used to making fictional maps it took me a while to know how blender worked i do get confused some times an ask for abit help { explaining my self is the issue }... but ive now managed to sort the issue out.. thank u for your time lancyboi
  2. sorry if im re peating my self buddie but this is totally knew to me.... how would i find the min and max height levels in the dem do i find it in google earth when i do it as 2km ?
  3. hello buddie. im having abit of problem with the z range elevation ive tried from 100 to 700 for past 12 hours staright still cant get it correct,i keep getting high spikes an deep gauges.. dont know what im doing wrong,im tring to do a dem for ireland.. thanks lancyboi
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