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{Support}Hulk Truck Pack

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Hulk Truck Pack

This is a truck pack with the following trucks.

  • Tipper Truck                             Capacity: 48000
  • Tanker Truck                             Capacity: 30000
  • Slurry Spreader Truck         Capacity: 30000

The trucks have the following:

  • 4 engine choices
  • color selection
  • added work lights to the rear
  • The tanker truck has 4 different fill type setups:  Water, Milk, All Liquids, and Fuel tanker that will allow vehicles to refill from it.
  • The slurry spreader truck has a 32m working width with a reduced usage amount on digestate and liquid manure.

The choice was made by me to not have a rear hitch on the trucks and i have absolutely no plans to add hitches to it at all. 


I am currently working on adding an autoload truck for bales and pallets and also an autoload wood truck as well.


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sorry to post so long after it has been posted.

What is the capacity of the tankers? would be nice on the info tab.

Love your mods.

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