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{Support}FS17 Joransfarm transportPack


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FS17 Joransfarm transportPack

This pack is edited and reskinned for the use on FS17_Joransfarm.

It's used to transport factory products on this map.

There's also an autoloader flatbed with trailer that can be used for bales,wool that aren't factory related on the map.

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    Transport-Pack Credits:

    Original - ATC Pack
    Concept - Alfredix
    Models - Alfredix
    Testing - Alfredix, Meerstonk, Mach1-Andy, Farmerfivetom, Legolas2905
    Schemas - V8Bolle
    Soundmixers - 8x8 Semi HD truck sounds, 10 x 10TGS Chassis, Soundscout, Ralfrhoen, Truck sound video
    - ifkonator (addStoreCategory, AddConfig)
    - Xentro (dynamic Hoses)
    - Hot Team ( UAL)
    - Blacky BPG (Hotspotfix, licenseplatescript)
    - GTX (LightExtension RealCab)
    - Martin Fabik (no smoke no fun)
    - Modelleicher (newExhaustEffects)
    Model sources
    GTX (Drawbar for TSDH trailers, Decals for Cab interiour, Signal Lights, AR flatbed)
    Gnescher (original AR Pack)
    PhillipDeutz (Traileraxle)
    Giants (MAN TGS 18,480)
    Kastor (Pallets, Fillplanes for fridges)
    ImplementHelp - Meerstonk
    Joran´s Farm Rework
    NCRaiders, Maverick74, Igor29381, LS-for-Ever


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