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Found 2 results

  1. Version


    Update Version Changed store image, decals on building to identify it better (per Deafgamer), changed production icon. It is important you look at notes below to understand how this building works. If you have a previous version of this building (look at modDesc version) Sell the building save then restart. Huge thanks to grabby for testing and suggestions This building will produce pig food and TMR for cows. 50% Corn, 25% Grain (wheat or barley), 20% oilseed (canola or sunflower or soybean), 5% Root (sugar beet or potato) The corn, grain, oilseed, and root will be shown in the production menu as corn, grain will be flour once converted, oilseed will be canola oil once converted, root will be sugar beet cut once converted. All those products in the pig food line will be combined as the formula I mentioned above. Then you choose the line with the Pig Food icon that mixes the corn, flour, canola oil, Sugra beet root together. You can use either crop to make each line I just havent found a way to mix filltypes like i was able to do in the past. The TMR is pretty straight forward it takes silage, grass, and straw. I did not add the mineral.
  2. Version


    This is a placeable forage production building. Its input and output capacities are 5 million. This pack requires downloading the Global Company Script from the ingame modhub. Cost: $20,000 30% Hay or Grass 30% Silage 40% Straw.