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  1. I haven't been able to get the wheels to crab steer yet, I'll definitely go check the wheel section and compare it to another tractor. There was a really good mod released not to long ago that features the Xerion, I'm going to try and go and compare these two. I would love to work with someone else on this mod, I've modded other games before but this is really my first ever farming simulator mod.
  2. Morning, For anyone that is interested, I was able to get the mod to load on the game. My second line on the vehicle xml was reading, <vehicle type="claas"> Instead of <vehicle type="tractor"> Easy fix, thank you anyway. Now she just needs some more fine tuning,. The front wheels spin when the tractor is stationary ,moving the tractor forward at all times. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Hello, I've been trying to convert a fs17 mod to fs 19, but I'm having some trouble. As of right now this is my first conversion , I'm am using the Class Xerion mod by Smety(CMT). I was able to use the Giants editor to convert the tractor mod, once converted I went over the script file , "Xerion.xml" and fine tune some items. I'm current stuck with two errors. ERROR: Unable to find vehicle type name 'FS19_Claas_Xerion.class/############/ xerion.xml I've uploaded a image with the error, any thoughts?... I feel like I'm overlooking something.
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