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  1. Version 4.12.20_15.30


    Hello Farmers, 1st of all i wish u all a healty 2021. Here i present to u my Flat edit of West Bridge Hills, by using the "place objects on terrain script build in to Giants Editor after making the the entire map flat. - NO traffic on this map. - deleted Drive-in theater, base-ball field and more unusefull stuff to get more useable land wich is buyable. - updated the Bga bunkers and placed a roof over them, Big Thank U to Bdbssb for deleting the concrete blocks from the shed i used. upped the capacity of the sell point to 1million silage, do not put more in becauze the Randomat will block u to pick up spilled silage. - all old red gas pump are gone and replaced with 1 feul station in town. - updated fields and farmlands so that u can own the whole map. - seasons compatibel as far i know , did not messed with that. no error or warning in the map. - other minor fixes and painted in more grass arround the fields and now open spaces, ready for u to place down placeables. have fun with this edit
  2. Version 22.06.20


    Hello Farmers, This is my edit off Westbridge Hills from the FS13 Titanium addon, converted to FS19 by Vanquish081. -Cleared the farm from unneccesary items and buildings and added in a hayloft. -Overhauled the farmlands so now the whole map is buyable. -Bga triggers fixed and upped the capacity to 1 million (see image Bga-tip-place below). -Deleted traffic-splines, drive-in theatre, camping-site and the base-ball field to make room for placeables. -If u would find anything that's not working please let me now in the comment section.
  3. Version 21.03.2020


    This is the Placeable Refill tank mod on the in-game Mod-hub : - Placeable Seed tank - Placeable Fertilizer tank - Placeable Liquid fertilizer tank - Placeable Herbicide tank Added these Placeable's into the mod : - Placeable Lime station - Placeable Water tank - All fillTriggers are bigger so u can refill easier now. - Lowered the cost to buy Seed, Fertilizer, Liquid fertilizer, Herbicide and Lime. - Water is of course free.
  4. I just downloaded the mod and got this Bd : ! C:\Users\User\Downloads\FS19_cr1090_BD.zip: Unexpected end of archive
  5. Version 19.04.2019


    Hello, Thanx to Kw4life for the idea i added a back hitch to the Holmer Hr 12 Trailer, now u can transport more headers at once, body and rims are colorable, longer wear duration added.
  6. Version


    Hello there farmers, 10K liter big bags and liquid containers, price's matched to the new capacity's of the bags and containers.