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  1. No single post , but all you do is open your map in GE and zoom back until the whole map is in view (if you want to import the whole map into Blender) select the terrain in the sceneograph and select Edit - Export selection and save as .obj it will take a while as there is apoly count of approx 216664 for a 2k map some computers cannot handle such a large blender file. If you just want to import part of the map then zoom out until the part you want is in view and do the same as above. Basically when exporting terrai fron GE to Blender what you see in GE is what you will get in Blender. To avoid any complication always ensure you are looking directly down on your map in GE before exporting. I don't believe it is possible to re-import terrain from blender as an i3d and use it instead of the ingame terrain.

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