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    This is an addon that needs global company to work properly. With the edited draper header included in this mod you will be able to harvest poplar and cotton with any harvester large enough to handle the draper. Not only will a harvester harvest cotton and poplar but any tipper that hauls bulk material will now be able to haul and unload cotton properly. Other harvesters and headers will deal with cotton however there is usually issues with pipe and other unloading functions along with the need to have edited tippers. This mod is designed to fix those issues. I added logos on the sides of this header as well so it is easier to know it is the cotton poplar header not to be confused with other draper headers. This header also has color selection along with brand decal selections like my other draper edit.
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    This was edited by request of a user to use on Pleasant Valley 19 This is my edited potato harvester with the selectable wide header. It has been edited to harvest sugar beet, onion, and carrot. I am short on time so I warn in advance I have not had time to fully test this mod. I do not usually do this so I ask for any feedback. Onion and carrot will show up in the potato tech.

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