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    Latest version Added color decals, added chrome option for wheels. Rapide 8400W with added capacity and windrowers Cat: Loading Wagon Capacity: Standard: 100,000 Extension: 150,000 Working Speed: 30kph/18mph Price: $80,000 Major update, huge thanks to NcRaiders as always for some awesome work. He was able to get the windrowers worked in to the mod as an addon option in the store. By default the wagon will have the windrowers with a 21m width. I set the price to 78k and the addon is 2k. With all the updates, it wouldn't be a bad idea to sell and rebuy the wagon. I can't guarantee its needed, can't guarantee you won't have any issues if you don't. List of changes: Windrower option in store Color selectable rims Fixed foliage bending Added rotating parts into the color scheme, now they change color as well Upped the intake liter per hour(machine was shutting down if you went in to a large pile) Arms now have to be unfolded (another fix by NcRaiders) to start the machine (more realistic). Obviously you can't pick up material with arms folded now. Added sound to arm motors while unfold/fold.

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