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    Version Decal fixes Version Handling update Huge thanks to Grabby La Toosh for testing and sharing suggestions. He also did some motor and suspension work. Im sure im missing more. Bigger thanks to NcRaiders for extensive xml help, most of all fixing everything i kept breaking in the xml. I couldn't have finished this guy without both of their help. This is the Imperador 3.0 with some cool features. The machine sprays liquid fertilizer and herbicide like the default machine, however rather than just spreading fertilizer, it will spread lime as well(at a wider work width). Base cost: $165,000 Capacity: 10K liquid (herbicide liquid fertilizer) 10K solid (fertilizer lime) Work width: Liquid: 27M Solid: 42M Drive speed: 70mph Work Speed 18mph Color selectable Motor: Base 350HP $0 450Hp $3,000 550Hp $6,000 650Hp $12,000 750Hp $ 18,000 Wheel Base Narrow $0 Medium $1,000 Narrow Dual $2,000 Medium Dual $3,000 Monster Dual $6,000
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    Version Kuhn LSB 1290 with added features. Main and secondary color selection: $200 Wheels color selection: $100 Base: No windrower $65,000 Work width: 2.75M Windrower: $2,000 Work width: 19M Work speed: 18mph Wheels: Default: $0 Wide: $200 Mud: $200

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