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Found 2 results

  1. Version


    Update Version Moved liquid loading trigger to the side, updated icons. Update Version Sped up bale deletion. Update Version Added bale trigger to input. I changed the leveling area but it is suggested to have a larger area or level an area out before placing. This building makes seed with barley, wheat, oat, soybean, corn and it will also need a small amount of fertilizer with each line. This building also makes lime from stone. This building also makes fertilizer and digestate from silage. TO USE PRODUCTION To get to productions hit P and go down to the dashed lines then select construction, then production. If you have no other production mods it will be all the way to the right and named fermenter. Once you put material in the silo you will need to activate the production. To do this hit escape and click on the production icon, i believe its right under contracts. Then you simply select each line and hit activate on the bottom.
  2. Version


    Supply this placeable with diesel and it will deliver lime to the silo. 1L of diesel outputs 200L lime. This placeable requires downloading the Global Company Script from the in game modhub. Cost: 20,000 Diesel Capacity: 250K L Lime Capacity: 5 Million L