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  1. I copied the XYZ from GE log into a notepad++ and names it CSVdata.txt dit the blender steps and hit import bit the spline did not import in blender did i name iw wrong or copy it not right? sorry for al the questions meny thx
  2. Ok it worked to make a "spline.i3d" file and import it into GE. thank you this was verry helpfull. one more question: what csv date do i have to copy in a notpas++ to save as SCV.txt -> i don't realy know what to copy into the scv.txt file? is it the same data as spline.i3d?
  3. Hi, i was reading the instructions to build a road in GE after i opend the editor_log.txt file and selected the code. i opend a blank notepad++ and copied the code from editorlog. but i don't understand how to save it as "spline.i3d"??? if i want to "save" or "save as" the notepad as a i3d file i don't know how to save it as a i3d file to proceed with the next step to import it into giants editors