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  1. Vid

    Ikonic Fieldliner

    Sorry, I thought I had replied to you. I wish I knew how to get the link, unfortunately I cant remember where I got the mod from, I know it is part of the Iconik Trailer Pack, but not sure where it came from. Thankyou for looking at it though
  2. Vid

    Ikonic Fieldliner

    Hi bdbssb thanks for getting back to me. The turning issue seems to be that the tractor pulling it, the wheel s tend to catch on the trailer and so makes it hard to turn. I copied the xml file, not sure if it will let me post it here or not, but I will try and will put it at the end of the message. Apologies for taking time to reply, I didnt have the notifications turned on. Thanks again. tipper7.xml
  3. Hi, I have just joined and was wondering if anyone could help. I currently use the Ikonic Fieldliner with a capacity of 1 million, but it doesn't turn very well and I was wondering if anyone has a version with a 3 point hitch please and with the same or more capacity. I'm not a modder at all so have no idea how to make a 3 point hitch, and thats why I was hoping somone might have made a modded version already. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.