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Paint Terrain by Spline script updated


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Attached is the updated Paint Terrain by Spline script adjusted to allow the inclusion of the Terrain Layers script which prints the texture number and name in the GE Console Log in numerical order for easy reference when using the script.

To use,    NOTE: To function correctly the the spline must be named just "spline" with no other letters or numerals attached.

First select the terrain transform group and execute the script, this will print the texture number and name in the GE Console Log in numerical order

when done the prompt "SELECT SPLINE" will appear, it is only required to do this step once subsequent spline(s) painting in an editing session will carry on as normal.

Choose whether you require multiple texture or just single texture

Enter relevant texture number into the script at the designated locations (see script for details)

Select the spline and execute the script when done a log entry will appear confirming painting done and detailing the number of the texture used in Left, Centre, Right area's.

Further spline painting can be carried out by just selecting the new spline and editing the settings if required.

Finally I will be updating this script further to make it more user friendly in the coming weeks (time permitting)


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