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{Support}Magnon Windrow BD


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Magnon Windrow BD

Update     Made loading area for silage additive a little larger for production of silage additive in the fermenting pack added on 30.12.21

The loading wagon is live!!!

Huge thanks to Grabby again for testing along the way.  Also I would like to be sure to thank HungryCow Design for making the second windrow array image for me, without it I would not have been able to get effects to work on both sides.  Another side note.  This isn't my original idea.  I found a wagon from FS15 that I believe dates back pre FS13 called the drake wagon.  This loading wagon is based off that beast.

This is the Magnon 530 with some bd upgrades.  It has the option of 200,000 capacity with or without silage additive, or 500,000 with or without silage additive.

I have added the windrowers everyone has loved in the past however in FS22 I decided to add windrow effects.  The effects will only work for hay, grass, and straw.  The wagon picks up silage, straw, hay, grass, and chaff.







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