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FS22 - DEM and Spline Tutorials/Scripts


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On 1/11/2022 at 3:09 PM, WrinkleysRule said:

Updated the LIDAR section at the end of the DEM tutorial with new website/image details.

With regard to the LIDAR, don't you find that the clutter from the buildings and trees makes life harder? 

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No, not at all I only use the DTM ( Digital Terrain Model ) files which only show the terrain and have no building/trees clutter in them and as such eminently suitable for FS map.Dem.png's, though sometimes I do experiment with certain aspects of GE and DSM (Digital Surfacee Model) like reducing the pixelDensity just to see how much extra information I can get from the file. Obvilously not suitable for use in game but interesting none the less.

Below is an image showing the same area as a DSM and DTM at a resolution of 25cm the black line at the top left of both images is the same river and if you look carefully on the right hand side you can see the path to the church.



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Added images for clarity
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