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Hello Farmers,

1st  of all i wish  u all a healty  2021.

Here i present to u my Flat edit of West Bridge Hills, by using the "place objects on terrain script build in to Giants Editor  after making the the entire map flat.

- NO traffic on this map.

- deleted Drive-in theater, base-ball field and more unusefull stuff to get more useable land wich is buyable.

- updated the Bga bunkers and placed a roof over them, Big  Thank U to Bdbssb for deleting the concrete blocks from the shed i used. upped the capacity of the sell point to 1million silage, do not put more in becauze the   Randomat will block u to pick up spilled silage.

- all old red gas pump are gone and replaced with 1 feul station in town.

- updated fields and farmlands so that u can own the whole map.

- seasons compatibel as far i know , did not messed with that. no error or warning in the map.

- other minor fixes and painted in more grass arround the fields and now open spaces, ready for u to place down placeables.

have fun with this edit

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    Giants, Vanquish081, BDBSSB, CHRIS__82


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